List of Patriarchs of Alexandria

List of Patriarchs of Alexandria

The bishop or Patriarch of Alexandria (Egypt) is the highest-ranking bishop of Egypt and exists separately in both the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Byzantine Orthodox Church. The Patriarchs trace back their lineage to Mark the Evangelist.

This list contains those Patriarchs who served before 536, when the Coptic Orthodox and the Greek (Melchite) lineages permanently parted ways. This schism first began in 451, after the Council of Chalcedon, but for the next decades both parties still competed on the See of Alexandria and frequently still recognized the same Patriarch. For later Popes and Patriarchs, follow the links at the bottom of this page.

List of Patriarchs (prior to 536)

In 536 the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria withdrew their recognition of Theodosius I and elected Paul as Patriarch, while the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria continued to regonize Theodosius. For later succession of (Coptic) Popes and (Greek) Patriarchs, see:

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