Rakovica Revolt

Rakovica Revolt

The Rakovica Revolt ( _hr. Rakovička buna) is a name used for the revolt against Austria-Hungary named for Rakovica, Croatia that took place in 1871.

It was launched by Eugen Kvaternik. The revolt actually began in the village Broćanci on November 8 1871, but was soon carried over to Rakovica. Kvaternik had planned to launch such a rebellion against what was then the Austrian Empire since 1859. However, he failed to secure allies in either Italy or Hungary to participate in the cause.

Plans for the uprising began in the spring of 1871. Kvaternik began to distance himself from his and Ante Starčević's Party of Rights to disassociate his plans with the party. However, if the revolt was successful, a Party of Rights government would be formed.

The revolt ultimately failed. Kvaternik declared his Croatian government in Rakovica and soon took control of the neghbouring villages. However, the Austrian army was soon sent to crush Kraternik's forces (which numbered a few hundred men). Among those who participated with him were Vjekoslav Bach, a Party of Rights writer; Petar Vrdoljak, one of the leaders of the revolt; and Ante Rakijaš, a close associate to Kvaternik.

It is interesting to note that local Serbs also took part in the rebellion. A statue of Kvaternik in Rakovica was unveiled in 1933, only to be destroyed during the Second World War. A restored statue was again plundered, this time by Serbs during Croatia's Homeland War. Once again, it was restored.

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