Kyrgyz alphabet

Kyrgyz alphabet

The Kyrgyz alphabets are the alphabets used to write the Kirghiz language. The Kyrgyz language uses the following alphabets:

* The Cyrillic alphabet is officially used in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan
* The Arabic alphabet is officially used in People's Republic of China in the Kyzylsu Kyrgyz Autonomous Prefecture and the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

The Arabic alphabet was traditionally used to write Kyrgyz before the introduction of the first Latin-based scripts in 1927. Today a modified Arabic alphabet is used in China. The Uniform Turkic Alphabet was used in the USSR in the 1930s till its replacement by a Cyrillic script. The Kyrgyz Cyrillic alphabet is the alphabet used in Kyrgyzstan. It contains 36 letters: 33 from the Russian alphabet with 3 additional letters for sounds of the Kirghiz language: Ң, Ү, Ө.

Below is a Correspondence chart showing both the Arabic alphabet used in Xinjiang, and the Cyrillic alphabet used in Kyrgyzstan.

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