Lovćenac (Ловћенац) is a village located in the Mali Iđoš municipality, in the North Bačka District of Vojvodina, Serbia. The village has a Montenegrin ethnic majority and its population numbering 3,693 people (2002 census).


In Serbian, the village is known as "Lovćenac" (Ловћенац), in German as "Sekitsch" (in the past rarely "Winkelsberg"), and in Hungarian as "Szeghegy".

Its former name in Serbian was "Sekić" (Секић). After the World War II, the village was named "Lovćenac" by the Montenegrin settlers after Mount Lovćen in Montenegro.

The original Hungarian name of the village was "Szeghegy", but Hungarians also used Serbian version of the name in the forms "Szikics" and "Szekics", as well as Germans in the form "Sekitsch". One very rare alternative German name was "Winkelsberg".

Ethnic groups


According to the 1971 census, ethnic Montenegrins comprised 70.91% of population of the village.


According to the 2002 census, the population of the village numbered 3,693 people, including:
* 2,100 (56.86%) Montenegrins
* 1,242 (33.63%) Serbs
* 107 (2.90%) Hungarians
* others.


The village first appeared in history in 1476. During the Ottoman rule, the village of Sekić was populated by ethnic Serbs. The ethnic Germans settled there in 1786. These German settlers, originally from all over, came to be a distinct group known as "Vojvodina Germans" (Wojwodinedeutsche), a branch of the Danube Swabians since 1920. At its peak, the village had a population of about 6,000 people, mostly Germans. After the World War II, Germans fled from the village, and it was then populated with settlers from Montenegro, who now form a majority of the population. Hungarians formed and still form the majority in neighbouring Feketić and in the larger village of Mali Iđoš.

Historical population

*1961: 4,800
*1971: 4,159
*1981: 4,016
*1991: 4,049


The society of Montenegrins in Serbia known as "Krstaš" is based in Lovćenac.


*Slobodan Ćurčić, Broj stanovnika Vojvodine, Novi Sad, 1996.

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