Tertiary (disambiguation)

Tertiary (disambiguation)

Tertiary (from Latin "tertiarius") is an adjective meaning "third" or "third hand". It may refer to:

* The Tertiary period of the geologic time scale.
* Tertiaries, members of a Third order (lay folk connected with a Mendicant Order).
* Ternary numeral system, the base-num|3 numeral system.
* A tertiary consumer in an ecological sense.
* A Tertiary functional group (or usually ion) attached to carbon atom connected to three other carbon atoms in organic chemistry
* Tertiaries, the smallest group of remiges (wing feathers), which attach to the upper arm. Usually, they are not flight feathers, but more like body plumage.
*In economics the tertiary sector (of industry) is the service sector or the service industry (as opposed to the primary -agricultural and natural resources- and secondary, manufacturing)
* In biochemistry, the tertiary structure of a protein is its overall shape, also known as its fold.
* Tertiary or post-secondary education
* Tertiary care is specialized consultative healthcare.
* Ternary operation, in computer science a ternary operator (sometimes incorrectly referred to as a tertiary operator) is an operator that takes three arguments.

See also

* Primary (1st)
* Secondary (2nd)
* Binary (2)
* Ternary (3)
* Quartary (4th)
* Quaternary (4)
* Quintary (5th)
* Quinary (5)
* Sextary (6th)
* Senary (6)
* Septenary (7)
* Octonary (8)
* Nonary (9th)
* Denary (10)
* Duodenary (12)
* Hexadenary (16)
* Vigenary (20)

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