Windsor Herald

Windsor Herald

Windsor Herald of Arms in Ordinary is an officer of arms at the College of Arms in London. It has been suggested that the office was instituted specifically for the Order of the Garter in 1348, or that it predates the Order and was in use as early as 1338. However, it is more likely that it dates from 1364 when a pursuivant of Edward III, on bringing the king news of the victory at Auray, was rewarded by promotion to the rank of herald with the title Windsor. Thereafter there is little mention of the office before 1419, when Windsor Herald was sent to the Duke of Brittany. Since that time, the office has been maintained. The badge of office is the sunburst badge of Edward III (Edward of Windsor) royally crowned.

The most well-known Windsor Herald was the 17th century antiquarian, Elias Ashmole. The current Windsor Herald of Arms in Ordinary is William George Hunt, TD, BA (Southampton), FCA.

Holders of the office

"Brackets indicate a date or approximate date for which there is evidence that the named person was holder of this office. The reigning monarch is given if the date is not known more precisely."

*(Edw III) Andrew (surname unknown)
*(1366) Stephen (surname unknown)
*(Hen VI) Thomas More, Esq.
*(Hen VI) Robert Ashwell, Esq.
*(Edw IV) John Ferrant, Esq.
*(Edw IV) John Ballard, Esq.
*1461-1468 Thomas Holme, Esq.
*1468-1486 John More, Esq.
*1486-1502 Richard Slacke, Esq.
*1504-1510 Thomas Benolte, Esq.
*1510-1524 Francis Dyes, Esq.
*1524-1529 Thomas Wall, Esq., jun
*1529-1565 Charles Wriothesley
*1565-1583 Richard Turpin, Esq.
*1583-1597 Nicholas Dethick, Esq.
*1597-1602 Thomas Lant, Esq.
*1602-1604 Richard St George, Esq.
*1617-1624 Samuel Thompson, Esq.
*1624-1626 Augustine Vincent, Esq.
*1626-1633 John Bradshaw, Esq.
*1633-1660 Edward Norgate, Esq.
*1660-1675 Elias Ashmole, Esq.
*1676-1686 John Dugdale, Esq.
*1686-1687 Henry Ball, Esq.
*1687-1690 Thomas Holdford Esq.
*1690-1726 Peers Mauduit, Esq.
*1726-1736 James Whorwood Esq.
*1736-1746 John Kettle, Esq., FSA
*1746-1746 Richard Mawson, Esq.
*1746-1757 Thomas Thornborough Esq.
*1757-1774 Henry Hill, Esq., FSA
*1774-1784 George Harrison, Esq.
*1784-1819 Francis Townsend, Esq., FSA
*1819-1839 Francis Martin, Esq.
*1839-1849 Robert Laurie, Esq.
*1849-1880 George Harrison Rogers-Harrison, Esq.
*1880-1894 Sir William Henry Weldon, KCVO, FSA
*1894-1919 William Alexander Lindsay, Esq., CVO, FSA
*1919-1931 Sir Algar Henry Stafford Howard, KCB, KCVO, MC, TD
*1931-1946 Alfred Butler, Esq., MVO, MC, FSA
*1947-1966 Richard Preston Graham-Vivian, Esq., MVO, MC
*1966-1978 Sir Alexander Colin Cole, KCB, KCVO, TD, FSA
*1978-1997 Theobald Mathew, Esq., MA
*1999-Present William George Hunt, Esq., TD

ee also

* Heraldry
* Officer of Arms


* "The College of Arms, Queen Victoria Street : being the sixteenth and final monograph of the London Survey Committee", Walter H. Godfrey, assisted by Sir Anthony Wagner, with a complete list of the officers of arms, prepared by H. Stanford London, (London, 1963)
* "A History of the College of Arms &c", Rev. Mark Noble, (London, 1804)

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