List of Pure Pwnage episodes

List of Pure Pwnage episodes

There are currently eighteen episodes of Pure Pwnage. All the episodes are available for download in DivX-encoded AVI format and now also in Mac/iPod and PSP MP4 format from [ the "Pure Pwnage" website] , HTTP mirrors, via BitTorrent, or via Xfire. User-contributed subtitles are available in over 30 languages and counting.

Season 1

Episode 1 – "The Life of a Pro Gamer"

The first episode of "Pure Pwnage", introducing Jeremy and Kyle. Jeremy explains why he is making this show, and how he lives. By making this show, he believes that he can help any given person be more like him, and less of a "noob". After this introduction, Jeremy visits an Internet forum and replies to posts he sees as unreasonable, or foolish. After going out for a meal, he comments on a "Free Tibet" protest, using RTS terminology. Finally, Jeremy resumes playing video games, and introduces his pelvic thrust victory posture.

* Release date: May 11 2004
* Running time: 11:36

Episode 2 – "Girls"

This episode is interspersed with interviews of females displaying their knowledge and opinions of games and gaming terminology. After learning that Kyle had a girlfriend, Jeremy is challenged to prove that he can also attract women. He attempts to attract them with various techniques, which usually have something to do with gaming skills and strategies. After a misunderstanding with a homosexual guy, he makes one last try and leaves. Back home, he claims to have met a girl who actually kissed him. The viewers find out later (in episode 6) that he did actually kiss a girl, and that girl is Anastasia a.k.a. Tagi.

(Teh_Masterer provides the voiceover for the interviewer in this episode.)

* " [ Teh Noob Song] " is featured in this episode.
* Release date: June 22 2004
* Running time: 16:08

Episode 3 – "FPS Doug"

Jeremy begins by visiting two friends that are from "Europia or whatever" who translate messages for all the "Germanic" and "Hollandaise" fans of the show. Jeremy complains about EA, the company that develops and produces his favorite game, "". Jeremy expresses his disappointment that EA discontinued support for "Zero Hour". Afterwards, Jeremy comes across his old friend Doug (a.k.a. "FPS Doug") in a parking lot, who is fending off imaginary adversaries. Jeremy explains the story of their childhood friendship, and their subsequent falling out. As a "behind the scenes" featurette, Dave (Dawei) is shown for the first time, as the crewmember who held a lamp in Jeremy’s room in Episode 2.

* Release date: July 19 2004
* Running time: 12:00

Episode 4 – "Pwn or Be Pwned"

The episode starts off with a spoof of the machinima "Red vs. Blue" using "". After this, Jeremy loses to a noob in "Zero Hour" and must then visit the mysterious master gamer known as Teh_Masterer. Teh_Masterer provides Jeremy the next level training, in which the student learns a valuable lesson: "If one wants to truly pwn, one must pwn in "all" games". A parody of "Kill Bill" ensues and the episode reaches its climax with an epic "micro" battle. This is a turning point in Jeremy’s pro gamer life, and his T-shirt message is mysteriously upgraded from "Übergamer" to "i pwn n00bs". At the very end, Jeremy is seen walking into EB to purchase "Half-Life 2"

* The song " [ Feel Like Pwning Noobs] " is featured in this episode.
* Release date: September 14 2004
* Running time: 20:57

Episode 5 – "M8s"

Jeremy "graciously" lets Kyle show a short film he made in film school, titled "Strong Man, Angry Man". After viewing the short film, Jeremy laughs and sarcastically mentions to Kyle that the film was "pretty good". Next, Jeremy insults Kyle’s camera skills, and claims that Kyle’s films will never pwn. They end up having an argument, causing Kyle to depart with his camera. He decides to start filming Doug instead, but Doug loses to a noob, due to lag, and develops a tantrum. Escaping Doug’s somewhat psychotic behaviour, Kyle walks away to consider his dispute with Jeremy. Kyle realizes that their friendship is more important than creative differences, and they remain friends, or "mates" as the title implies.

* Release date: December 6 2004
* Running time: 14:55

Episode 6 – "Imapwnu of Azeroth"

Jeremy's computer has been confiscated by his mother, so he has intentions to spend the night playing "CS:S" at Dave’s place. However, Kyle wants him to meet up with a girl named Anastasia before going to Dave’s. Once he meets her, he realizes that she is the girl who kissed him in Episode 2, only nobody believed him at the time. After their second encounter, Jeremy has a strong desire to see Anastasia again. Despite his strong disliking of "Warcraft" and MMORPGs, he decides to buy "World of Warcraft" in order to meet up with her in the game world. Jeremy uses Dave’s computer to play, and soon falls in love with both Anastasia and "WoW".

* The song " [ World of Warcraft Is a Feeling] " is featured in this episode.
* Release date: March 25 2005
* Running time: 20:24

Episode 7 – "MMO Grrl"

Jeremy has been admitted to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in a comatose state, believing himself to still be in the game ("WoW"). He has flashbacks of his experience playing "WoW" with Anastasia. Jeremy has a gaming-related epiphany and awakes from the coma. At the end, the "Pure Pwnage" friends innocently hold a barbecue, and all seems well. However, a mysterious man, who has been secretly following Jeremy throughout the series, sends a troubling e-mail, ordering an unnamed receiver to send "deathstriker6666" after Jeremy.

* Release date: June 30 2005
* Running time: 15:32

Episode 8 – "Lanageddon"

Jeremy and Doug have started to play video games together again, just like they did before their feud. Jeremy receives an ominous phone call, foreshadowing events to come. Faced with the approach of LANageddon, Jeremy and Doug teach each other about their respective mastered game genres: Jeremy instructs Doug about RTS games while Doug returns the favour by informing Jeremy about FPS games. Eventually, they arrive at LANageddon where they sign up for the "CS:S" tournament. The two easily win each game, and are destined to meet each other at the finals. However, they encounter a confident, loudmouthed adversary known as "deathstriker6666", whom they discover very quickly to be no noob.

* The songs " [ I’m a Gamer] " and "Building a Computer (for teh_pwnerer)" are featured in this episode.
* Release date: September 19 2005
* Running time: 22:33

Episode 9 – "The Story of Dave"

The beginning of the episode is a "Call of Duty 2" skit, featuring FPS Doug and Jeremy playing as soldiers. They make a reference to Pulp Fiction; Doug says " [m] an, I hope you don't have a watch in your ass". Also, the skit bears a resemblance to the ending of Red vs Blue Episode 8. After the skit, Kyle decides to do an episode solely centering around Dave, because of his online popularity. The next scene involves FPS Doug receiving a new weapon from a friend of Teh_Masterer, and it parodies several scenes from the film "Taxi Driver". Back to Jeremy and Dave, they encounter Anastasia, who is on a date with a guy who is a jock, which aggravates Jeremy. After a heated exchange, Jeremy storms off, clearly very angry.

After a while, the trio are confronted by a crowd of unknown micro warriors, who attack them. During the middle of the battle, the action cuts off to an important flashback of Dave’s past in China, revealing his gaming history. Suddenly he breaks, and comes to the rescue, helping to drive away the attackers. Jeremy and Kyle immediately consult Teh_Masterer, who orders Jeremy to find more pro-gamers. Upon arriving home, Jeremy finds a sad note left by Dawei on the table, indicating his apologies and exit from the show.

* Release date: December 9 2005 (premiere screenings), December 10 2005 (official Internet release)
* Running time: 25:47

Episode 10 – "Teh Best Day Ever"

Jeremy begins the show with a homage to Strong Bad E-Mails from the Homestar Runner Internet series. Jeremy and Kyle have moved out of their mother's house, and are living in their own Spartan apartment. Jeremy has been unable to play video games, due to the lack of a powerful PC or a television for console gaming. Instead, Jeremy focuses on improving his "RL" skills, such as cooking and holding a job, though he fails at each endeavour. Doug comes over as an attempt to cheer Jeremy up, but their fun is short-lived as Anastasia arrives and gets into an argument with Jeremy. Jeremy becomes depressed and joins MySpace and claims he doesn't want to work on the show anymore. But when a touching e-mail reminds him of the many lives that find inspiration in "Pure Pwnage", he realizes the futility of his self-defeating attitude. He eventually steals his powerful PC from his mother and makes up with Anastasia with a kiss.

In this episode, the opening song lyrics, instead of "I am the pwnage, bitches", were "I have the power, bitches" ― a reference to He-Man.

* The song " [ Get Outta MySpace] " is featured in this episode.
* Release date: March 11 2006 (premiere screenings), March 16 2006 (official Internet release) Episode 10 premiered at Bloor Cinema on March 11 2006 in Toronto. It was released on the Internet on March 16 2006.
* Running time: 27:26

Episode 11 – "i <3 u in rl"

After reconciling, Jeremy and Anastasia spend most of their time together playing separate games in Jeremy's apartment. Later, en route to meeting Doug, Jeremy must flee from a group of enthusiastic Pure Pwnage fans. Doug reveals that he is carrying his Sega Master Light Phaser, and displays that it is functional in "RL". Suddenly, teh_masterer calls Jeremy from a nearby pay phone, telling him to go to the Netherlands.Immediately, the scene switches to a council of mysterious people who discuss teh_masterer's training scheme.Jeremy and Kyle visit the Netherlands using the money from the Ebay auction of Jeremy's hair, where Jeremy engages in more "micro" training. This dangerous trip infuriates Jeremy, but pleases teh_masterer. An unrelated footage follows the episode where Jeremy makes fun of sheep by imitating "lol" (pronounced "lawl") like a sheep at forum user "Skrie"'s farm.

* Release date: June 18 2006 (premiere screenings), June 21 2006 (official Internet release)
* Running time: 21:36
* Users had the opportunity to pay US$2.99 to see the episode 2 days early via streaming video. (June 19, 2006 at 5 p.m. EDT)
* The episode marks the first time Jeremy refers to Kyle as his brother instead of his roommate.

Episode 12 – "Game Over"

Things are going well in the lives of Jeremy and Kyle. The two are even invited by local TV station executives to discuss the possibility of bringing the "Pure Pwnage" show to television. Jeremy, much to Kyle’s dismay, quickly ruins the proposition by taunting the TV executives and getting dismissed.

The two then go to visit Anastasia. Along the way, a little dog begins to follow them. Anastasia greets the two at her door, and, seeing Jeremy in his suit from his earlier meeting with the TV executives, assumes that he remembered that today is their anniversary. Anastasia produces a gift for Jeremy, a Nintendo DS Lite, and Jeremy, in panic, offers her the dog that followed him and Kyle, naming him “Dick” in the process.

Jeremy and Anastasia go into town for a date, with Kyle tagging along for camera duty. They drink heavily, downing multiple Jägermeister shots, at the restaurant where Jeremy and Anastasia first formally met. On their way home, they meet Doug, who needs a place to stay for the night; Jeremy reluctantly allows him to stay in his apartment. After a few days, Jeremy and Anastasia grow weary of Doug’s presence. Jeremy finally informs Doug that he and Anastasia would like some time alone. Doug walks away offended and smashes a large CRT television he had been carrying on his shoulder.

In the next segment, Jeremy offers a few parting words to his viewers while sitting with Anastasia, thanking his audience for watching the show. After the screen fades to black, Jeremy dreams that he is in the world of Azeroth with Anastasia, where she is ambushed by two Horde characters. Waking up, Jeremy finds a message on Anastasia’s pillow that states that she had been kidnapped.

Jeremy goes to rescue Anastasia from the mysterious building where she is held captive by the Big Bad. After defeating the Spy, deathstriker6666, and the Power Glove Man with superior micro skills, Jeremy faces the Big Bad and delivers a micro onslaught. Jeremy’s attack is useless against the powerful Big Bad, who absorbs Jeremy's attack with his hand and mockingly proceeds to eat a grape. Jeremy, however, is confident that help is on its way in the form of Teh_Masterer and his gamer army. Big Bad tells him he has "No chance to survive; Make your time," a reference to the internet meme "All Your Base Are Belong To Us." Just then, Doug arrives on the scene. Jeremy does a celebratory dance, boasting how The Big Bad will now get pwned. But the traitorous Doug, who had joined forces with the Big Bad, points his Sega Master Light Phaser at Jeremy’s head. The Big Bad allows Anastasia to escape with Kyle. As the two reach safety and look back, a micro battle ensues. Kyle faces Anastasia and lowers his camera, revealing his face for the first time in the series.

On April 29, 2007, Kyle posted an article on the front page indicating that there was extra content added to the beginning of Episode 12. This extra content appears after the Tetris fight. The new extended intro showed an extra James Bond style opening.

* Release date: October 28, 2006 (premier screenings), November 6, 2006 (official Internet release).
* Running time: 46:08.
* This is the final episode of season 1 of "Pure Pwnage".
* Mirror download: [ Episode 12]

Season 2

Episode 13 – "Old Habits"

This episode is shot in reverse order. It begins with Jeremy's younger self playing with a NES Controller and meeting Doug (who is playing with a NES Zapper). The scene is set previous to the pilot episode with Jeremy wearing his old ubergamer shirt. Kyle needs some footage for his University course and makes a deal with Jeremy to be filmed for one day, saying at the end "Nothing bad will come of it". A montage, reminiscent of the Lost intro, showing the season's previous greatest moments (Anastasia and Jeremy first meeting, the battles, the departure of Dave, etc.) ends with Jeremy awake in his bed the same way he did in episode one. In this scene, he talks about waking up after his "near-pwned experience"—a reference to the cliffhanger ending the previous episode (which is not touched upon until the final two minutes).

Due to his gaming skill, Jeremy quickly finds himself in the possession of an Xbox 360 and a Wii; however he seems to lose interest in this after receiving a package from EA with the latest installment of the "Command & Conquer series" for PC, "" ("C&C3").

The episode ends with Jeremy finally playing "C&C3" and doing the new pwnage salute with his wide flat screen monitor. He gives a monologue on how he would have never survived without his friends and Dave appears behind him saying "Hey guys, stew's done, just the way you like it". The episode then continues from the end of Episode 12, with Dave appearing to save Jeremy from The Big Bad. When Dave uses his micro on Doug, his blaster pistol fires, killing or incapacitating Big Bad with a headshot. However, Jeremy was hit by a micro blast from The Big Bad and is carried out by Dave.

* As referenced by Jeremy in this episode, the show has begun shooting in widescreen.
* Release date: April 14, 2007 (premiere screenings); May 4 (Internet)
* Running time: 32:06

Episode 14 – "Lifestyles"

Episode 14 features mainly Jeremy, Dave (Dawei), Anastasia, and Kyle. It begins with Jeremy getting up early to eat the breakfast that Dave has made. Shortly after, Jeremy initiates Dave's "training" by playing "Dead or Alive 4" ("DOA4"). Kyle argues that they are not doing anything meaningful for the show, so they reluctantly go outside to play Frisbee.

Later on, as Jeremy and Kyle walk in the streets, they find themselves in a Gay Pride parade during Pride Week. That night, Anastasia, Jeremy, and Kyle go out for dinner and are met by Dan from the TV studio (Episode 12) and his girlfriend, Jacky. Jacky and Anastasia have a heated argument over the usefulness of games. The couple leave and Kyle remarks that "she's like [his] ex-girlfriend"; Anastasia then notices a woman who is alone and convinces Kyle to approach her, although her partner soon rejoins her. After a short conversation, Kyle returns to Anastasia and Jeremy and states he is going out with the two and that he needs to take the camera.

The next day, Jeremy, Dave, and Anastasia play ', "DOA4", and ' respectively at the "LANapalooza" gamer event in Aurora, Ontario. Upon returning home, Jeremy and Anastasia argue about how Anastasia takes "WoW" too seriously; in almost a role reversal, Jeremy says games are "supposed to be fun" and that Anastasia is "freaking out" too much and should log out for five minutes. Anastasia angrily storms out of the room with her account still logged in. Jeremy then goes over to her computer and contemplatively deletes Anastasia's level 70 Human Warrior (full tier 5).

There is also a small segment at the end featuring Dave. It is aptly named "Pro at Cooking with Dave", and shows Dave cooking a stew.

* Release date: July 14, 2007 (premiere screenings); July 25 (Internet release).
* Running time: 30:24.

Episode 15 – "T-Bag"

The episode opens with a machinima of "Team Fortress 2" ("TF2"). After this, Jeremy, Kyle and Dave attend a Gamer Army lecture by Teh_Masterer, which Jeremy finds boring. Jeremy and Kyle then visit Anastasia. Though Jeremy deleted her character, Anastasia has assumed her account was hacked, and thus is not mad - on the contrary, the time away from WoW has changed her attitude completely.

Later, Jeremy excitedly prepares for the release of "Halo 3" in his apartment, and then goes to the mall to purchase the game. He encounters Terrence "T-Bag" Brown, a professional "Halo" player, who invites Jeremy to his weekend launch party. The episode then segues into a music video featuring T-Bag and Jeremy before heading the launch party. There, Jeremy finds Doug, and challenges him to a "Halo 3" duel. Following an altercation between the two, Jeremy leaves the party.

In a narrow hallway with numerous identical doors, the two government agents unlock a weapon—the Menacer—to give to Doug, claiming that he has the power to prevent the war Teh_Masterer is preparing the Gamer Army for. Back in the apartment, Jeremy enthusiastically plays "TF2" and appears to have forgotten about "Halo 3".

* Release date: November 3, 2007 (premiere screenings); November 10 (Internet release).
* Running time: 25:24.

Episode 16 – "Duty Calls"

As a prologue, the episode begins with a homage to Back to the Future and Jeremy playing "Rock Band". In order to make some money, Jeremy goes to a local computer shop and sells the parts that he has earned in tournaments—a practice that The_Masterer frowns upon. After selling the prizes, the pair go out for breakfast, where Kyle tries to lecture Jeremy on the value of money.

On the way to T-Bag's house, Jeremy encounters a man and in a dream sequence, and they battle with "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" controllers. At T-Bag's fitness room, the two awkwardly discuss different matters, including Doug's camaraderie. Ultimately, T-Bag advises Jeremy about his lack of sponsors, telling him that he should stick to a single game in order to earn money. Jeremy cites The_Masterer's quote, "If one wants to truly pwn, one must pwn at all games," but T-Bag ridicules it and insists that Jeremy should get sponsors.

The next scene is a machinima short of "Call of Duty 4" ("COD4") featuring Jeremy and Doug in a showdown. Afterwards, Jeremy returns to his apartment and has a surprise birthday party with Kyle, Tagi, Dave and T-Bag, who all give him presents. When Jeremy and Kyle are the last two left in the apartment, Jeremy gets a surprise visit from Doug. The two reaffirm their friendship and work together playing "COD4" on the same team, dominating the server they play on.

* Release date: March 1 2008 (premiere screenings); March 8 (Internet release).
* Running time: 27:47.

Episode 17 – "Just the Guys - Part 1"

The episode opens with a short parody of Zero Punctuation called "Zero Coordination - on the n00b effect."
The real episode begins with Doug and Dave mysteriously negotiating.Shifting one week back to Sunday where Jeremy and Dave are playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Dave's student sits and watches. Jeremy mentions that Teh_Masterer has created an 'Exchange Program' where pros come over and are assigned to uber-pros, with the purpose of becoming a better gamer, or "more pro," in Jeremy's own words. Dave's student is ridiculed by the two and when Jeremy wins again, he makes a racial stereotype, asking if Dave knows the score now since he is Chinese and good at math. Dave ejects the game disc in fury and snaps it in half. Dave then makes the suggestion of getting ice cream.

The next day, Doug and Jeremy are playing Call of Duty 4 on the PC. Doug suggests that they should play some Xbox 360 and Jeremy accepts only to play even more Call of Duty 4. Jeremy then teaches the audience gaming tips, and suggests browsing message boards and playing higher skilled opponents. Shortly after, Jeremy and Doug go out and mention the future games coming out and about n00blets (their potential offspring). Jeremy and Doug (along with Kyle, filming) make plans to go to Chinatown for Dim Sum. The three later notice Dave heading their way and try to hide to avoid being noticed; this has something to so with Dave not knowing that Jeremy and Doug are hanging out again. Dave then talks to Kyle and Jeremy comes out of hiding and greets Dave. Dave invites Jeremy over for lunch, holding up an Orange Cuttlefish. Jeremy refuses Dave's offering, referring to the cuttlefish as a metroid. Jeremy then walks with Dave with Doug trailing them stealthily. Jeremy attempts to tell Dave about him and Doug being friends again, but Jeremy is not too good with words. Dave splits up, and Doug reappears. Doug and Jeremy finally go for Dim Sum.

The next day, Jeremy walks up to Anastasia's house hoping to hang out and play. Anastasia mentions that she can't spend time with Jeremy because she has plans later that evening, (a "girls' night out"). She reminds Jeremy that he would have known this if he attended her graduation. Jeremy responds that he was busy and couldn't attend the graduation - however, a mental flashback shifts to a scene of Doug and Jeremy playing more Call of Duty 4. Anastasia invites Jeremy to come in, but Jeremy makes up a story on the spot that he forgot today was a guys' night out. Jeremy is shown on his apartment balcony, calling his best buddies to try to make plans to go out that evening. Jeremy gets rejected by Doug (Because Doug was probably doing COD4 stuff) and Dave, so Jeremy then phones Terence and he accepts. The scene shifts to Terence and Jeremy having a beer at a bar and Jeremy pulls out two Nintendo DS so they could play. Terence laughs it off, saying he wants Jeremy to do something different than video games for once, so they go to a club. At the club Jeremy spots Anastasia dancing with a guy and grinding on him. In response to this, Jeremy suddenly leaves along with Terence. Anastasia spots Jeremy leaving, then runs outside and gets Jeremy's attention. She explains that she was just dancing, and didn't even know the guy. Jeremy goes ballistic and calls her a slut. This infuriates Anastasia; Terence asks the two to calm down and talk about the conflict tomorrow. Anastasia then says there is nothing more to talk about and ends their relationship on the spot. As the episode ends Terence is then seen shaking his head and turns towards Jeremy and Jeremy just stands there.

Public Proposal at the Premiere During the premiere of this episode, while at the selection of the Door Prizes, someone won two tshirts, a Season 1 DVD, a pair of The Pwnerer's boxers, and one "Ring of the Pwner-er". After being presented with the prizes, the person said to the audience that he already had a ring on him, and that he wanted it give it to someone else. He then went back to his seat, pulled out a box which contained a Sapphire Ring, got down on one knee, and then proposed to his fiancee (who was also at the premiere). She said yes, however it was too quiet for everyone to hear, so he shouted to the crowd, "She said yes!" and everyone applauded and cheered. This is the first time Pure Pwnage has had a public proposal during a premiere. The two people were identified on the forums as SithHappens (the person that won the prizes) and Kalizk, who is SithHappens' fiancee. According to SithHappens, him winning the prize was planned by himself, Geoff and Davin ahead of time.

* Release date: August 9 2008 (premiere screenings); August 14 (Internet release).
* Running time: 23:37

Episode 18 – "Just the Guys - Part 2"

On Wednesday continuing from Part 1, Jeremy is in bed looking depressed. He doesn't get up and tells Kyle to fuck off.

The next day Jeremy is now under the bed covers and Kyle is trying to force Jeremy awake to make the show. Jeremy refuses at first but he says that he will only do the show under the bed covers. Kyle goes under the bed covers to film Jeremy and Jeremy farts, making Kyle disgusted. After the opening theme, he finally gets up and checks his messages. The three messages are all from where Jeremy works to see why he hasn't been coming into work. He ignores all the messages and instead decides to play using a 3 dozer build and killing himself, play Wii Tennis by himself, and suiciding himself in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. As a result of this, Jeremy is fired and is now jobless.

The next day, we see Jeremy on his computer erasing or modifying all the pictures of Anastasia on his computer and Facebook. Kyle educates him in how breakups always happen in life and its not the end of the world. He then suggests to do something different today so Jeremy could get his mind off her. Jeremy pretends that he has forgotten her entirely and is now just a girl that he used to date. Also they get on discussing about denial when Terence phones Jeremy to hang out. Jeremy accepts and heads on out. Jeremy then mentions that his life is totally awesome now because he has no girlfriend and has no job and has all the time to play games and do whatever he wants. He also does some stupid things. Later on Jeremy finally meets up with Terence and he wonders whats up with the situation with Anastasia. Jeremy replies that hes done with girls and Terence laughs at the comment and tells Jeremy that the cure for girl trouble is 'more girls'. Jeremy is worried because its easy for T-Bag but not for him. Terence then points out two things that girls like: money, and cool and he says to Jeremy that he has no money and is wearing the same clothes since he meet him. Terence suggests that they should go buy some new clothes and stuff for Jeremy. Jeremy gets his shirt changed to a gold lettered "I pwn n00bs" short and a gold necklace and some sunglasses. Terence implies that Jeremy is now ready to get some girls. Terence comments that theres 2 million girls in Toronto all for Jeremy. The two then see two girls in front of a store and Terence tests Jeremy to see if he could pick them up. Jeremy as usual fails to do so because of his gamer personality. Terence goes in and manages to get both of them. The girls introduce themselves to Jeremy and Terence and shortly after they go to Terence's Yacht where they get to know them more. Jeremy tells Terence that he doesn't like either of them and then they decide to leave the girls and head to Dave's house for BBQ. Dave's student is forced to cook for Dave and is ridiculed even further by Terence.

The next day Jeremy is playing his Nintendo DS when he gets a phone call from Anastasia to have a chat with him. Jeremy accepts thinking that Anastasia wants to reconcile so they head out. When Jeremy and Kyle get to where Anastasia is, she asks Kyle to walk away for a moment since it was a private conversation but Kyle could leave his bag with them. Kyle then secretly puts a recording device in his own bag so Kyle could listen into the conversation while out of sight. Jeremy and Anastasia talk about the situation and how Jeremy is basically an ass after his change. The main reason Anastasia was there was to give herself reassurance that she wants to end the relationship. Anastasia leaves soon afterwards. Kyle walks back to Jeremy to see how it went and Jeremy mentions that it didn't go well and comments that guys make way better friends. Jeremy then walks up the street in depression, taking his gold necklace off. Much later at night, Jeremy and Doug are playing Mario Kart Wii and as always Jeremy wins; Jeremy suggests that they should play some X-Box. Doug says sure and Kyle says hes to bed since he has gotten enough footage for today. While trying to take the disc out of the X-Box Jeremy finds out that theres some sort of movie in there and Kyle screams to not touch play. Jeremy presses play anyways and a porn scene is shown on the television. Jeremy and Doug then laugh it out then seeing that Kyle was also in the video which makes them laugh even further to the point they spill their bottles of Bawls on each other. Jeremy and Doug then begin to take their wet clothes off when Dave comes in and is surprised to see what they're doing. He then quietly leaves the room thinking that the two are actually gay.

The next day, we finally go back to the beginning of episode 17 where Dave and Doug are mysteriously negotiating. We then see Jeremy and Terence in there which completely makes the mysterious negotiation false and then we see the four are actually playing poker. Later on Jeremy is typing his life plans (Lief Plan according to Jeremy). The list contains the following: 1. MEET MIYAM0T0, 2. MAKE LIEK $50000, 3. BY C&C FRUM EA N GIV 2 BLIZZ, 4. VASECT0MY, 5. LRN 2 B > TEH_MASTERER @ GAMES, 6. M0VE 2 K0RIA, 7. LIV IN TUBE. Kyle wonders how Jeremy is going to do this especially at Jeremy getting a vasectomy. Jeremy says that hes not going to have a vasectomy but making a vasectomy and also revealing that Vasect0my is the name of the game he is making for a year now, says that its the best game name ever and shows a demonstraton of the character by cross chopping a few times saying "VSUK" while performing it. A knock is then heard and Jeremy thinking that Dave is actually being nice for a change by knocking on the door but when Jeremy opens the door, a girl in goth like wear is then seen and heads to where Jeremy sits. Jeremy is then surprised thinking that it was one of the girls Terence sent, but the girl reveals herself as Chris (Kris) the 'best of all the young pros' which Teh_Masterer assigned to Jeremy for training and was mentioned in episode 17.

* Release date: August 9 2008 (premiere screenings); August 23 2008 (Internet release).
* Running time: 24:33


Short featurette: "Pure Pwnage Preview"

This movie appeared prior to the release of the first episode. It features Jeremy standing alone in an open courtyard (presumably at a university campus), talking in detail about how he pwns at "". This also gives an early look at his pelvic thrusting antics. In this movie, Jeremy seems to have less of an accent, which could indicate that he changes the tone of his voice during filming and public interviews. The movie concludes by displaying the Pure Pwnage logo while a voice over states, "If you really want to pwn noobs, watch Pure Pwnage, coming soon." This featurette can no longer be found on the Pure Pwnage website. It can be downloaded here

* [ iiFTP Link]
* Running time: 2:01

Short featurette: "Happy Birthday Jakob"

Jeremy is surly when asked to say Happy Birthday to Jakob, a friend from Sweden. It is not until Kyle suggests that Jakob has cancer that Jeremy finally cooperates.

* Running time: 3:55
* This featurette can be found at [ iiFTP] .

Short featurette: "Dave Delivers"

Dave goes to an apartment and delivers a shirt to a local fangirl.

* Running time: 1:29
* The "Dave Delivers" featurette can be found [ at] and [ at iiFTP] .

Short featurette: "Pure Pwnage E3 2006 Special"

Jeremy and Kyle visit the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Jeremy meets with prominent game designers, and shows proficiency with his first use of the Wii Remote.

* Released May 25, 2006
* Running time: 7:59
* This featurette can be found at [] .

Short featurette: "Episode 11 Sneak Preview"

Jeremy makes sure that those who paid to see episode 11 2 days before the official 'free' web release date have got working media players. People who can see and hear him are "good to go". He then goes on to mock those who are unable to see or hear him.

* This featurette can be found at [] in the Pure Pwnage Portal. Free membership required.
* Running time: 0:26

Short featurette: "Gamer Army Recruitment Video"

This movie first appeared prior to the showing of Episode 13 at the Episode 14 London premiere. It featured a Gamer Army officer, General George C. Douglas (portrayed by Davin Lengyel, a director and producer to the show) standing in elaborate uniform (more developed than that which he wore to the Episode 13 screening in Toronto) in front of a large Gamer Army logo. He spoke for approximately 2 minutes in which he rallied viewers to the Gamer Army cause

* This featurette can be found at []
* Running time: 2:01

Short featurette: "Christmas Time in Dun Morogh"

A short machinima music video. It features a character reflecting on his early-level days in the World of Warcraft land of Dun Morogh, and his longing for home during Christmastime.

* This featurette can be found at []
* Running time: 4:10
* Lyrics can be found at []

Short featurette: "Fantasy vs. Reality"

A music video that pokes fun at real life video game metaphors, such as Jack Thompson and Brittany Spears. Flash game producer Yahtzee helped produced this humorous film.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs in the episodes:

* Jeremy addresses Kyle as "Adam" occasionally during the featurette "Happy Birthday Jakob." This happens at 1:16, 1:55, and 3:22. In the last occasion, Kyle can be heard whispering "Kyle," as to correct Jeremy. Also, it appears as if Kyle refers to Jeremy as "Matt", but he immediately changes his sentence. This occurs at 2:04, and again at 2:16. It is revealed in the Episode 12 credits that neither of their names are "Adam" or "Matt." This short was later confirmed as a red herring.
* Jeremy can execute a shoryuken, as seen in Episode 4 ("Pwn or Be Pwned").
* During a shot of Doug playing "CS:S" in Episode 5 ("M8s"), at 8:51, a "BOOM HEADSHOT" spray can be seen on the left wall. The spray can be downloaded from [ the Xtra Stuff section] section of the "Pure Pwnage" website.
* At the start of Episode 6, a binary number is displayed on a blackboard behind Teh_Masterer’s head. When translated into decimal, it reads as the number 1337. In the next shot, it changes to "It’s too late".
* During Episode 6, when Kyle answers the payphone, Teh_Masterer (the caller) wants to speak to Jeremy. As Kyle is handing the phone to Jeremy, one can faintly hear Teh_Masterer as he commands, "Put that n00b on the phone."
* In Episode 6, Dave has a picture of Larry David ("Seinfeld", "Curb Your Enthusiasm") in his room.
* In Episode 6, when Kyle and Anastasia are sitting together in the bar, Kyle becomes agitated when Anastasia comments to Kyle, "You're funny." This scene is a reference to Joe Pesci's role in the film "Goodfellas".
* In the beginning of Episode 6, several scenes are shown that appear to be future scenes in the series. One of them includes the LANageddon scenes, where deathstriker6666 is challenging Jeremy. There is also a scene of a young woman with short dark hair, whose name is Stacey Mayne. This woman is actually Jarett Cale's girlfriend in real life. She can also be seen in episode 8, "Lanageddon" (during deathstriker6666's killing montage). The source of this information is from Jarett Cale in his commentary during the CES 2007 Stage 6 show.Fact|date=March 2007
* At the beginning of Episode 7, when Jeremy's teammate fails to polymorph additional enemy fast enough and gets everyone killed, Dave can be heard saying "way to go, Leeroy!", which is a reference to "Leeroy Jenkins". As well, right before this Jeremy tells Joel to provide support against any flamewalkers, clearly a reference to Joel Gardiner the actor that plays fps_doug.
* In Episode 8, When Jeremy talks about the people he asked to join the "Gamer Army", he makes reference to Skrie, denwO and KashmirZ, 3 highly renowned members of the "Pure Pwnage" community. Skrie was shown in Episode 11 as the mysterious Redboard while denwO was one of the guards to the Big Bad's castle. It is currently unknown whether KashmirZ will also be featured in a future episode.
* In Episode 8, when Jeremy was pwning the noobs in the contest, one can faintly hear him say "To win, I got to you know, defeat you all."
* In Episode 8, when Doug is competing against 7 other "CS:S" players, one of his victims is under the alias "f4tality". This is a nod to Johnathan Wendel, a professional FPS-gamer who goes by the name "Fatal1ty". Early in his career, Wendel played "Counter-Strike" before switching to games such as "Quake III Arena", and recently "Painkiller". By the fact that in the episode Doug defeats "f4tality", it works as a display of Doug’s professional skill level, as Wendel is deemed to be one of the best players worldwide.
* One of Teh_Masterer's students mentions in Episode 9 that there hasn't been a public "micro" battle "since the Miyamoto peace accord". "Miyamoto" refers to the creator of the "Mario Bros." and many other Nintendo games and characters.
* On several occasions throughout the show, Jeremy makes conscripts and movements towards the creation of a gamer army at the behest of Teh_Masterer. It is not until Episode 8, when Doug mentions it, that the viewer truly knows Jeremy’s intentions, which explain the odd phone calls made to Jeremy through payphones.
* In Episode 9, at the end of the "Call of Duty 2" skit 'Harris' asks Doug to do something for him and Doug says "Don't tell me you got a watch up your ass." This is a reference to "Pulp Fiction", where Butch's dad had a watch up his ass in the war.
* In Episode 10, The opening scene is a parody of "Homestar Runner", but with a "Pure Pwnage" twist. On the lower left hand corner of the screen, it says "Compy 386", the same name for the computer Strong Bad uses to answer his e-mails from "Homestar Runner".
* In Episode 10, during the opening scene, a writer named (.50)' [DooRag] - [2PAC] wigga4life writes in challenging Jeremy to a game of "Unreal Tournament 2004". He says to come to his clan server at The IP is a direct link to '', a homosexual pornography link site.
* In Episode 10 when Jeremy possesses Dave's computer, he uses a Logitech Cordless Internet Pro desktop set. After getting his own PC back, he continues to use the upgraded hardware instead of his Microsoft Natural keyboard and Logitech TrackBall mouse.
* In Episode 10 when Jeremy and Anastasia argue, Anastasia queries one of Jeremy's statements with "o rly?", and Jeremy then returns this with "ya rly!" This is a reference to the orly owl, a popular Internet phenomenon.
* Near the end of Episode 11, Jeremy is talking to Anastasia and a fan asks for Jeremy's autograph. Jeremy is annoyed but Anastasia tells him that he might get to enjoy being famous and shows several scenes from the Toronto screening of Episode 11.
* In Episode 11, the man who is seen spying on Jeremy throughout the series appears again. This time, he is the man who drops his wallet at the end of the episode. This wallet reads "Bad Mother Fucker", a reference to Jules' wallet from "Pulp Fiction".
* In Episode 11, when the government agents are trying to get evidence on teh_pwnerer, one man is said to have "taught Daigo how to parry". This is a reference to a widely-known "Street Fighter" match. []
* During the filming of Episode 11, a man was seen doing a 'crazy action' when Jeremy is walking down the street ( [ video] ). This was cut out by Kyle and a still from the clip was posted on the official forums, leading into a Photoshop activity. [] The man's face is now used as an emoticon on the "Pure Pwnage" forums ( [] ). He was shortly after named Brian as suggested by a forum moderator named Weiman.
* In Episode 12, the male interviewing Kyle and Jeremy is David Plant, who is Miranda Plant's father.
* In Episode 12, the main antagonist references AYBABTU by saying "You have no chance to survive make your time," a line from the intro sequence of "Zero Wing".
* Throughout Episode 12, Jeremy receives three phone calls from Grubby, Moon and vo0, respectively. These are references to "4k.Grubby" and "Spirit Moon", who are professional "Warcraft III" players, whilst "vo0" is an FPS player who has played such games professionally as "Painkiller", "Quake III Arena", and "Quake 4".
* In Episode 12 when Jeremy and Kyle are walking to Anastasia's house and the dog (Dick) is following behind them, there is a poster of a "Lost Dog" on a telephone pole on the left.
* In Episode 12, when Jeremy and Anastasia go out to the bar, there is a poster for a lost dog (Dick). The telephone number on the bottom reads (416) 555-1337.
* In Episode 12, the drinking montage with Jeremy, Anastasia, Kyle and the waitress. Kyle holds up a piece of paper in front of the camera, if the movie is paused it seems to be a portion of the script for episode 12.
* In Episode 13, when Kyle tells Jeremy about the package from California, Jeremy starts sing the theme song to "The O.C.". Kyle says he needs to watch the show in order to know what's hip then Jeremy comes back with "Yeah Kyle has nothing to do with Mischa" this tells that Kyle watches the show only for Mischa Barton and her character's death on the show.
* In Episode 13, the conversation when Kyle brings up "Command & Conquer 3" is a reference to a George W. Bush says at the end of "Fahrenheit 9/11". When asked why Jeremy is not interested in "C&C3" anymore, he replies "You can fool me once, you know, shame on me. But, fool me twice, you know, you can't fool me again you know."
* In Episode 13, Jeremy receives the copy of "Command & Conquer 3" from Jim Vessella, Assistant Producer at Electronic Arts, who can be seen speaking to Jeremy about the game in the "Pure Pwnage" E3 2006 Special.
* At a certain part of the end sequence of Episode 14, Jeremy is using his own "brand" of mousepad, which is available in the "Pure Pwnage" store. (When the camera zooms out at one point, the logo can clearly be seen on the corner of the mousepad.) On an unrelated note, the mouse he is using is a Razer DeathAdder (The distinct pulsing glow from the logo and the continuous glow from the mousewheel confirms this).
* In Dave's cooking segment at the end of Episode 14, several "Cheat Commando" action figures from "Homestar Runner" can be seen on Dave's stove.
* The music video in Episode 15 is a parody of two tracks from Dr. Dre's 1993 album "The Chronic": "The Chronic (Intro)" and "The Day the Niggaz Took Over".
* In Episode 15, at the beginning of "Straight Outta Blood Gulch", a voice similar to that of the Big Bad says "There is no chance to survive, make your time". This is a reference to the popular "All your base are belong to us" Internet phenomenon.
* During the music video in Episode 15, Terrance exclaims "Fuck Jack Thompson".
* In Episode 18, Jeremy answers the phone and tells the caller he is "...chillin'...maxin'...relaxin'...," a reference to the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Continuity errors

* In Episode 4, when Kyle walks into Jeremy’s room, Jeremy is seen holding a liquor bottle. In the next shot, the bottle is nowhere to be seen. One possible explanation is that there was a considerable lapse of time between when Kyle was zooming in on the monitor to when Jeremy is shown on the mattress without the bottle, since Kyle had to temporarily turn off the camera anyway. There must have been a discussion because Jeremy "thanks" Kyle for his "lessons" on pro gaming, and Jeremy seemed to have told Kyle of how he lost to a flame tank.
* In Episode 5, after Doug gets killed by a noob in "CS:S", the monitor is off. Furthermore, the keyboard that he subsequently smashes is not the same keyboard that he uses to play: the latter one is a standard rectangular keyboard, but the former one is a natural keyboard. (The natural keyboard is seen sitting behind Doug for the shots of him inside, attached to an older computer: It may be that this is the computer Doug takes his anger out on, not being so completely blinded with rage as to destroy a keyboard possibly worth more than he could afford to replace)
* In Episode 5, in a good deal of the footage of Doug playing "", it can be seen that the game is in spectator mode (given away by the letterboxing of the GUI), and is not really playing the game, but is instead watching either a live game or a prerecorded demo.
* In Episode 5, after Kyle observes Doug unleashing violence upon his own keyboard in the garage, he runs away from Doug's house, and toward a cul-de-sac (as opposed to another street/outlet).
* In Episode 6, before Jeremy goes out to buy "World of Warcraft", the stack of installation CDs are visible on the desk ( [] ).
* In Episode 8, after Doug is killed in-game, deathstriker6666 starts to laugh, and a groupie starts to cheer and laugh too. In a different angle, he is serious and has his arms crossed.
* In Episode 8, when Doug and Jeremy are playing "" in the arcade at around 4:02 when the shot pans in for a close up of Jeremy's victory pelvic thrust and spank. The man in the background in black turns around and leans up against the machine; when the shot pans out again (Jeremy still continuing the motion) the man is already back again playing the game.
* In Episode 9, when Bu Jing Yun and Nie Feng attack Dave’s sisters, one of the sisters can clearly be heard speaking Cantonese instead of Standard Mandarin, which was spoken by all the other characters. The scene takes place in Shaanxi, where they do not speak Cantonese (which is spoken mostly in the Guangdong province).
* In Episode 10, roughly between 3:55 and 4:25, Jeremy is seen putting on his jeans. In the next shot, they are back in his hands.
* In Episode 10, half-way through the episode when Doug and Kyle leave Jeremy's bedroom and man in a hat and white t-shirt is seen peeking through the door on the left.
* In Episode 13, during the Xbox game (14 minutes in), many of the goals in the hockey match where not scored in their order. This is true (as shown in the first match), for goals were made on alternating sides through the match, this is inconsistent with . This is the same for the second game, additionally showing the score at times when it is lower than it should be.
* In Episode 13, nearing to 31 minutes, Dave appears out of what is considered "the kitchen" preparing some stew, but in actuality it is a closet. Proof of this is in the later half of 25 minutes, when Jeremy is playing Xbox (online), we clearly see the "kitchen" door. We can assume that this is a bachelor apartment (regardless if it is or not), this door would look more suitable as a closet door, and not a kitchen door.
* In Episode 14, when Jeremy sits down to eat breakfast, he sits at the seat with a small plate and in the next cut when he is eating the French toast the plate is now a bigger blue plate.
* In Episode 14, when Jeremy and Dave play Dead or Alive 4, the amount of health both players have incorrectly changes after the direct feed footage switches to Kyle's view of Jeremy winning.
* In Episode 15, when Jeremy is at T-Bag's Halo party, you can clearly see day light coming through the blinds. In the scene when Jeremy storms out after his argument with Doug, it is night time.
* In Episode 16, during the COD4 machinima segment, Doug's avatar shoots an MP5, when he enters the building (as it goes into first person) he is holding an M4 rifle, and quickly switches back to an MP5
* In Episode 17, where Doug mentions Bright Pearl Restaurant for Dim Sum, he points south. In fact, the Bright Pearl Restaurant is actually to the left (or right in Doug's perspective) (The two were on the intersecton of Spadina and D'Arcy, the restaurant is on St. Andrew and Spadina, which is left).

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