Sand River Convention

Sand River Convention

Infobox Treaty
name = Sand River Convention (1852)
long_name =

image_width = 250px
caption =
type = Delimitation of territory and rights
date_drafted =
date_signed = 17 January 1852
location_signed = Bank of the Sand River, South Africa
date_sealed =
date_effective = 17 January 1852
condition_effective =
date_expiration =
signatories = Andries Pretorius for the Boers and William Hogge and Mostyn Owen for Great Britain
depositor =
language = English
languages =
wikisource = Sand River Convention

The Sand River Convention was a convention whereby Great Britain formally recognised the independence of the Boers living beyond the Vaal River. In return, the Boers promised that slavery would be outlawed in the Transvaal and that they would not interfere in the Orange River Sovereignty's affairs. The convention was signed on 17 January 1852 by Andries Pretorius (for the Boers) and William Hogge and Mostyn Owen (for Great Britain) in a marquee on the banks of the Sand River.

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