Ashvini ("IAST|aśvinī") is the name of a Hindu constellation (the head of Aries, or the first of the 27 Nakshatras). Personified, Ashvini is the wife of the Ashvins (Rigveda 5.46.8), later also considered their mother.The Ashvin are young twins. They are the embodiment of the great power that ushers in the dawn. They represent the movement from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge. They are the physicians to the devas, the Gods, and their sacred energy alone is enough to destroy disease and bring about good health.

The symbol of the Ashvin is honey. Honey has many miraculous properties, a fact that was known to the peoples of ancient days. Honey is the medicine of the Gods. It has the power to cure many illnesses, it purifies the body of all kinds of taints. It has a beneficial physical, mental and spiritual effect. Sweetness too, is a quality of the Ashvin.

The person with the moon in Ashvini moves quickly and easily. They are brilliant, bright and intelligent. They are beautiful with perfect good looks in every aspect. The name Ashvin or Ashvini is a perfect name for a young person. One with such a name is blessed with spiritual excellence and the capacity to give service through healing and serving kindness to others.

Under the traditional Hindu principle of naming individuals according to their birthstar (see Jyotisha), the following Sanskrit syllables correspond with this Nakshatra, and would belong at the beginning of a first name:

Chu (pronounced as it appears)

Che (pronounced chay)

Cho (pronounced as it appears)

La (pronounced as it appears)

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