Wasted (comics)

Wasted (comics)

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caption = Original cover of "Wasted" published in 1998 by Alamat Comics
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publisher = Alamat Comics
date = July 1994 through July 1996
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creators = Gerry Alanguilan

"Wasted" is a comic book series written and drawn by Gerry Alanguilan and published by Alamat Comics since July 1994 through July 1996. It was first released as an eight-issue photocopied comics and later collected into one volume by Alamat Comics in 1998, releasing a total of 500 copies. The entire story was serialized in several parts on the pages of PULP Magazine in the Philippines beginning in 2000, and eventually compiled the story once again as "Wasted: The Final Edition" in 2003, releasing 2000 copies.

Comic book writer Warren Ellis considers "Wasted" as "an early work by a potentially brilliant creator," in a review in 2001Fact|date=February 2007

"Wasted" tells the story of "Eric", a musician who loses his dad and his girlfriend, and goes on a rampage in the city looking for twisted justice and ultimately, death.

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* [http://www.wastedthemovie.com Wasted: The Movie Site]

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