List of women's magazines

List of women's magazines

This is a list of women's magazines, magazines that have been published primarily for a readership of women.

Currently published

No longer published

*"Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine" (1852-1874, England)
*"The Delineator" (1873-1937)
*"Godey's Lady's Book" (1830, United States)
*"Ladies' Magazine‎" (1827, Boston)
*"Lady's Magazine" (1770, England)
*"Lady's Mercury" (1698, England)
*"McCall's Magazine" (1897)
*"Looking at Lilith" (1968-1969, United States)
*"Ain't I a Woman?" (1970-1971, United States)
*"Pandora" (1971-1979, United States)
*"Matrix" (1979-1981, United States)
*"Viva" an adult women's magazine circa 1970s
*"Mirabella" (1989-2000)
*"Sports Illustrated for Women"
*"Jane" (1997-2007)
*"Rosie" (2001-2003, United States)

ee also

*List of teen magazines, the readership of which are primarily young women.
*List of men's magazines

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* [ Profiles of women's magazines in UK]
* [ fashion magazines in india]

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