Iban language

Iban language

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fam6=Ibanic (Malayic Dayak)
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The Iban language is spoken in Kalimantan (the Indonesian part of Borneo) and the Sarawak state region of Malaysia by the Iban, a branch of the Dayak ethnic group (formerly known as "Sea Dayak"). It belongs to the Malayo-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family, and is closely related to Malay.

ample lexicon

:"agi" - "again" (Malay "lagi"):"aja" - "only" (Malay "saja"):"aku" - "I; me":"amat" - "truly":"ao" - "correct; that's right":"apai" - "father":"asai" - "feel" (Malay "rasa"):"bedau" - "not yet":"bai" - "bring":"bak" - "at":"baka" - "like":"baka selama" - "same as usual":"bakanya" - "like that":"baru" - "new; may":"bejalai" - "to walk":"belanda/belawak" - "to run":"dani" - "wake up (from sleep)":"lenyau" - "lost":"makai" - "to eat":"ngelusu" - "lazy (sometimes "burok" is also used to convey this meaning):"ngirup" - "to drink":"nuan"- "is the formal "you" "deh" is less formal":"nyumai" - "to cook":"tinduk" - "to sleep":Editor-"Cina Bintulu"

ample phrases

:"Nama brita nuan?" - "How are you?":"Sapa nama nuan?" - "What is your name?":"Brapa rega utai tu?" - "How much is this?":"Dini alai ___?" - "Where is ___?":"Ari ni penatai nuan?" - "Where are you from?":"Aku datai ari ___." - "I come from ___.":"Pukul brapa diatu?" - "What is the time now?":"Selamat lemai!" - "Good evening!":"Selamat datai!" - "Welcome!":"Anang manchal!" - "Don't be naughty!" :"enda ulih datai" - "cannot come":"Anang guai" - "hold on" "Don't spoil it":"Nadai ngawa nya" - "nevermind that":"Nyamai wai" - "nice taste":"Pulai dulu"-"I'm going back":"Aram bekelala"-"Let's introduce ourselves":"Pengerindu"-"Love, Passion":"Aku rinduka nuan"-"I love / like you":"Manah"-"Good, Great":"Jai"-"Bad, damaged":"Sapa enggau nuan?"-"Who came with you?":"Aku enggau ___"-"I came / went with ___":"Ninga meh"-"Please listen":"Anang inggar / ragak"-"Silent, please":"Kini nuan?"-"Where are you going?":"Mar amat!" - "too expensive!":"Kapanya!" - "Whatever!":"Selamat pagi pengajar." - "Good morning teacher.":"Aku enda nemu" - "I don't know":"Aram meh kitai ngirup" - "Let drink together"

:Editor - Iban Teacher


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Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.

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