Band (radio)

Band (radio)

A band is a small section of the spectrum of radio communication frequencies, in which channels are usually used or set aside for the same purpose. Examples include:

*AM broadcast band (530–1610 kHz or to 1710 kHz on the extended AM band in the Americas)
*Various Shortwave bands (5.9–26.1 MHz)
*Citizens' band (26.965–27.405 MHz)
*Television stations 2–6 (54–88 MHz in the Americas)
*FM broadcast band (88–108 MHz, except 76–90 MHz in Japan)
*Airband (108–137 MHz) for air traffic control
*Television stations 7–13 (174–216 MHz in the Americas)
*L band (1,452–1,492 MHz) for digital radio (DAB) outside the United States
*Amateur radio bands among several different frequencies
*Military bands:
**FM band (35-87.9 MHz)
**X band (8–10 GHz)
**S band (1750–2400 MHz)
* K band (20–40 GHz), which is further subdivided:
**Ka band: K-above band, 27–40 GHz, mainly used for radar and general communications
**Ku band: K-under band, 12–18 GHz, mainly used for satellite communications
*Radionavigation beacons, such as LORAN and GPS
* V band (50–75 GHz)
* Various amateur radio bands

Each of these bands has a basic bandplan which dictates how it is to be used and shared, to avoid interference and to set protocol for the compatibility of transmitters and receivers.

Note that as a matter of physics, bands are divided at wavelengths of 10n metres, or frequencies of 3×10n hertz. For example, 30 MHz or 10 m divides shortwave (lower and longer) from VHF (shorter and higher). These are the parts of the radio spectrum, and not its frequency allocation.

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