Coordinates: 15°10′S 168°10′E / 15.167°S 168.167°E / -15.167; 168.167


Maewo (or Maéwo; formerly Aurora Island) is an island in Vanuatu in Penama province, 105 km to the east of Espiritu Santo. It is 47 km long, and 6 km wide, with an area of 269 km². Its highest point is 795 m above sea level. In 1979 the island had a population of 1772.

Maewo is the island with the highest rainfall in Vanuatu, greater than 2500 mm per year. The island is covered in green, lush vegetation. The heavy rainfall provides abundant fresh water and waterfalls. There are also hot springs in the centre of Maewo.

The most notable village on the island is Lakarere, on the northwest coast.


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