Mechanoid (GaoGaiGar)

Mechanoid (GaoGaiGar)

In the anime and manga series The King of Braves GaoGaiGar and The King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL, a Mechanoid is the result of a performed synchronization (or "Fusion") between a natural or semi-artificial life-form (such as a Cyborg) and an artificial, transforming mechanical entity.



Fusion: The act of a natural or semi-artificial life-form entering the body of the mechanical entity and synchronizing with it to gain control, transforming the mechanical entity into humanoid form when doing so.

Final Fusion: The act of combining a GGG or Green Planet mechanoid with supplemental machines to vastly increase its strength and abilities, creating a "Super Mechanoid."

Mega Fusion: The act of reconsolidating the J-Ark (or J-Battler) into that of a larger humanoid form (King J-Der).

Chemical Fusion: The act of combining a Loud G-Stone equipped program (namely Palparepa) with a large object resembling a molecule, shattering the latter into particles that reconsolidate into the form of a Mechanoid (namely Palparepa Plus).

Giga Fusion: The act of reconsolidating Pia Decem Pit into a larger humanoid form (Pia Decem Peak). Identical in all ways to Mega Fusion.

GGG and Green Planet Mechanoids


Components: Cyborg Guy + Galeon

Result of successful Fusion between a humanoid capable of using G-Stone energy (Cyborg Guy) and the Green Planet's mechanical lion, Galeon. GaiGar is usually just an intermediate step prior to Final Fusion into GaoGaiGar.

When in this form, GaiGar can use Galeon's thrusters for increased jumping height and range (although not, oddly enough, flight). Galeon's claws can also swing over GaiGar's hands (noted in specifications as the Claw Arm ability) to allow for increased cutting power. Further, GaiGar is also capable of utilizing two of the GaoMachines for its own ends (without need of Final Fusion): DrillGao can split and fit over GaiGar's arms to allow for greater striking power, and StealthGao can latch onto its back for long-range atmospheric flight - using both, he is referred to as S.D. GaiGar.

The exact mechanism by which Guy controls GaiGar is unclear, as he can only be seen in a bright "room". This room appears to be located within Galeon's lion mouth, and can be entered by others: Palparepa does so twice, once with his God and Devil attack and once to attack Guy directly. Additionally, Galeon retains its personality while in GaiGar mode, and occasionally growls or reacts.


Components: GaiGar (Cyborg Guy + Galeon) + DrillGao + LinerGao + StealthGao

Successful result of Final Fusion between the three GaoMachines and GaiGar, vastly increasing GaiGar's power. In order for this combination to take place, the act of Final Fusion must be approved by the Chief of GGG (Kohtaroh Taiga), followed by the relevant operator (Mikoto Utsugi, or Swan White in her absence) breaking through the safety glass on her panel and hitting the button that engages "Program Drive." This begins the Final Fusion sequence, during which GaiGar creates a tornado of electromagnetic fog ("Denji Tatsumaki") that the three GaoMachines penetrate. (This fog also serves as a defense against entities from approaching GaiGar and interrupting the sequence.)

The drill tank DrillGao forms GaoGaiGar's lower legs, feet and knees; The bullet train LinerGao forms its shoulders and upper arms; and the stealth bomber StealthGao forms its back wing section, lower arms, and helmet.

GaoGaiGar's formal model number is GBR-01 ("GBR" being an acronym for "G-Stone-driven Brave Robot").

Galeon once took over some control of GaoGaiGar when Guy fell unconscious, and activated a full-body Protect Shade.

GaoGaiGar is capable of a wide range of abilities:

  • Protect Shade: GaoGaiGar raises its ("Protect") left hand to generate an energy-deflecting barrier. Narrow energy weapons fired at this barrier will be focused, traced into the shape of a pentagram and fired back at the target. It has also been used to blow away sea water to expose a submerged opponent (in shallows), and can be activated around GaoGaiGar's entire body.
  • Broken Magnum: GaoGaiGar's ("Broken") upper right arm spins clockwise at high speed while its fist spins counterclockwise, which it then aims and launches at the target (Similar to the Rocket Punch of Mazinger Z), causing heavy piercing/penetrating damage. Generally, the upper arm automatically returns to its socket. There are at least two variations on this, both used against Pasdar. In the first, the arm is launched first then begins to spin, and in the second, the arms spins against something before being launched. The second was effective against Pasdar's Zonder Barrier.
  • Plasma Hold: Utilizes Protect Shade to hold an enemy if it attempts to make direct physical contact with the barrier, allowing an effective counter. Only used twice in the entire television series (versus EI-03 and Zonuda). Repli-Mamoru uses Plasma Hold against GaoFighGar in episode 2 of FINAL.
  • Drill Knee (not formally named; named in specifications and called by name in the Super Robot Wars series): high-velocity lunge at the enemy using one of GaoGaiGar's knee-mounted drills. An effective close range attack or an attack of desperation.
  • Hell and Heaven: A combination of offensive and defensive energies, utilizing the opposing powers of both of GaoGaiGar's hands grasped together (accompanied by Guy chanting "gemu giru gan go gufo..."). An electromagnetic tornado (Chô-Denji Tatsumaki) forms around the enemy when the mechanoid's hands gather, binding it while GaoGaiGar uses StealthGao's thrusters and DrillGao's treads to charge into the enemy, smashing its gathered fist into the enemy core (usually located at the center of mass) and tearing it out gathered in both hands—destroying the enemy and rendering the core dormant. This is the method Cyborg Guy uses to destroy Zonder Robos and retrieve their cores for much of the television series. (It is unclear if the tornado is the same as the one used during Final Fusion, but it could just be that the effect is more pronounced when horizontal rather than vertical.) It can only be blocked by attacks of a similar nature (such as those used by EI-15, GaoFighGar, and Palparepa Plus), though the New Machine Species "Zonuda" was able to deflect Hell and Heaven with its palms - this may have been an equivalent attack, though the exact nature is unclear.

Hell and Heaven causes extreme physical strain to Guy's cybernetics while in Fusion; it is later learned that his constant, repeated use of Hell and Heaven will almost certainly destroy him. To prevent this from occurring, the "G-Tool" Goldion Hammer is constructed for his use. This "Gravity Shockwave Generating Tool" has enough sheer destructive power to disintegrate most Zonder Robos while leaving their core intact; however, this power is initially too great for GaoGaiGar to handle without causing the Super Mechanoid severe damage. To properly absorb and control this power, the Hammer is incorporated into the newly built GGG Multi-Robo Goldymarg.

When "Hammer Connect" is performed and GaoGaiGar interfaces with the "Marg Hand," Guy is capable of the following abilities:

  • Hammer Hell and Heaven: A more refined version of Hell and Heaven using all available features of Goldymarg in "Marg Hand" mode. It is a three stage tactic composed of the following actions, in order:
  • "Hammer Hell": Using its left hand, GaoGaiGar removes an energy "nail" (most likely created from Mirror Particles) from the Marg Hand, stabs the area containing the enemy core with the "nail," then uses the Hammer to drive it further inward.
  • "Hammer Heaven": GaoGaiGar uses one or both hinged claws on the Marg Hand to pull the "nail" out along with the core. The "nail" then disintegrates, leaving the core intact to land in GaoGaiGar's left hand.
  • "Hikari ni Nare" ("Turn into Light"): Guy smashes the Hammer into the coreless enemy, disintegrating it.
  • Goldion Magnum: Only seen in the PlayStation videogame The King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Blockaded Numbers. Broken Magnum using the "Marg Hand" section of Goldymarg.

In addition to the above, GaoGaiGar can use other "Tools," built by GGG and its associated organizations:

  • Dividing Driver: Bends material space to create a "Dividing Field," within which an enemy can be fought without collateral damage to the surrounding area.
  • Dimension Pliers: Alters interdimensional properties. Can also create a dimensional rift.
  • Goldion Motor: A Tool that grants resistance to the Goldion Hammer's gravity shockwaves. (Note: this tool was never actually known to be used by GaoGaiGar.)
  • Grand Pleshar: Contains and crushes its target with specifically tuned G-Stone energy. Five separate sizes. Looks like a pressure cooker.
  • Molecule Plane: Capable of destroying most forms of matter through meson annihilation.

Star GaoGaiGar

Components: GaiGar (Cyborg Guy + Galeon) + DrillGao + LinerGao + StealthGao II

Result of Final Fusion with StealthGao II in place of the original StealthGao. StealthGao II incorporates an optional "Space Booster" that allows GaoGaiGar to remain in space for much longer operational periods. This apparatus consists of a nacelle attached to the end of either wing edge and a bladed wing assembly attached to its upper surface. (The Space Booster can also be used in atmosphere, though any potential drawbacks of doing this are unknown.)

Either nacelle on the Space Booster is "leashed" with one "Phantom Ring." While the exact mechanics are unknown, these rings are remote-controlled, self-propelled units that detach and position in front of GaoGaiGar's arms, enhancing their attacks as follows:

  • Broken Phantom: Phantom Ring-directed Broken Magnum with greater control in space and a wider effective damage radius upon enemy contact.
  • Protect Wall: Phantom Ring-boosted Protect Shade with a wider area of protection.

Star GaoGaiGar can still interface with Goldymarg to use the Goldion Hammer in this mode. It can also use the GGG-built Gatling Driver, which bends (rather, spirals) space to create either an interfering spatial field, or a "gravity lens" through which energy attacks can be focused to a sharp point. When equipped with a Gatling Driver on its left arm and a Dividing Driver on its right, Star GaoGaiGar is further capable of using the Double-Head Driver technique, used to create an exit within pocket dimensions that use properties of Dividing Energy.


Components: Evoluder Guy + Phantom Gao

Seen in GaoGaiGar FINAL. Result of Fusion between Evoluder Guy and Phantom Gao, a hovercraft built by GGG to act as a replacement for Galeon following his departure from Earth at the end of the TV series.

  • Claw Arm (not formally named; named in specifications): Identical to GaiGar's Claw Arm.

Equipped with built-in Mirror Coating. Also has the Holographic Camouflage ability and Ion Coating.


Components: GaoFar (Evoluder Guy + Phantom Gao) + DrillGao II + LinerGao II + StealthGao III

Seen in GaoGaiGar FINAL. Result of Final Fusion between GaoFar and its GaoMachines. It is the first Mechanoid to be completely manufactured on Earth by GGG, designed to complement the energies generated by Evoluder Guy with existing Ultra Technology to become "Evolual Ul-Tech power." The resulting Super Mechanoid (classified as a "Fighting Mechanoid") has powers surpassing that of the original GaoGaiGar. Its model number is GBR-11.

As learned in the manga "FINAL.00: Evoluder Guy," the "Program Drive" section of its Final Fusion program was designed by the young genius girl (and former BioNet subject) Alouette. During Final Fusion, GaoFar emits an electromagnetic tornado outward to surround it for protection, then projects three "Program Rings" from the hatch in its abdomen. The GaoMachines lock onto their respective rings, "reading" recognition data from each before combination takes place. Other Program Rings emitted from this hatch following Final Fusion emulate the Phantom Rings used by Star GaoGaiGar.

GaoFighGar's control mechanism is much more clear than GaoGaiGar's - Guy is strapped into a set of cylinders on his arms and legs that mimic his movements with GaoFighGar's. At one point during FINAL, Guy controls a partially destroyed GaoFighGar using his Evoluder abilities, with cables from the mechanoid lashing out to wrap around his arms and legs.

GaoFighGar is equipped with a pair of Ul-Tech Engines, stored in unfolding pylons on the wingtips of StealthGao III. They allow a high degree of maneuverability, in addition to creating an anti-gravity effect (allowing GaoFighGar to hover in midair). These pylons also unfold during (Shin) Hell and Heaven and Hammer Hell and Heaven.

GaoFighGar has been seen to use the following abilities:

  • Protect Wall: Employs GaoFighGar's "Protect" left hand, boosted with a Program Ring. Similar in range and effect to the original Protect Wall.
  • Broken Phantom: Employs GaoFighGar's "Broken" right hand, boosted with a Program Ring. Version of the original Broken Phantom with a damage radius on impact twice as wide as the Phantom Ring version. Unlike previous Broken Magnum-style attacks, Guy simply rears back and punches rather than holding his arm upwards before attacking - this allows Broken Phantom to be performed much more quickly with little to no telegraphing.
  • Drill Knee: Similar to GaoGaiGar's Drill Knee, using GaoFighGar's "expanding" drill model that drives further into the enemy. (The nature of the expanding drill permits GaoFighGar to use this move while on the ground, in addition to its standard use in midair.)
  • (Shin) Hell and Heaven: Similar in power and effect to GaoGaiGar's Hell and Heaven. Guy does not appear to take damage from using this, as he no longer has cybernetics to be strained.

When equipped with the Goldion Hammer, GaoFighGar is also capable of performing Hammer Hell and Heaven as GaoGaiGar and Star GaoGaiGar did before it. It can further utilize the following "tools," built by GGG and its associated organizations:

  • Dividing Driver ("Kit number 03"): Modular version of the original Dividing Driver. Properties remain the same as the original.
  • Gatling Driver ("Kit number 05"): Modular version of the original Gatling Driver. Properties remain the same as the original.
  • Goldion Crusher: Gravity Shockwave Generating Division Tool. (Note: though this tool was designed for use by GaoFighGar, it was never known to actually be used by the intended mechanoid.)

Genesic GaiGar

Components: Evoluder Guy + Galeon with original program

Seen in GaoGaiGar FINAL. The undamaged version of GaiGar, having absorbed the Genesic Aura from the G-Crystal. The only notable differences (save for a completely remastered Fusion sequence) are in the skirt armor, Galeon's "Mane" and the fact that only Genesic GaiGar's lower torso spins during Final Fusion (as opposed to the original, where GaiGar as a whole would spin around.) Capable of high-speed space flight (and possibly atmospheric flight as well).

  • Genesic Claw: Original, more powerful version of GaiGar's Claw Arm.
  • Genesic Aura: An aura of pure power that repels enemies. Neutralizes the power of the Loud G-Stone. Only used prior to Fusion.Source

Genesic GaoGaiGar

Components: Genesic GaiGar (Evoluder Guy + Galeon with original program) + ProtectGao + SpiralGao + BrokenGao + StraightGao + GadgetGao

Seen in GaoGaiGar FINAL. The original and most powerful version of GaoGaiGar as designed by Cain of the Green Planet, based on the power of the G-Crystal from which the G-Stone is derived. Its necessary components— the five Genesic Machines, and a copy of Galeon's original programming—were stored in a gigantic G-Crystal at the former location of the Tri-Star Solar System. Portions of its design (mechanical hair, distinctive "helmet") bear a resemblance to the design of Cyborg Guy in his Ultimate Armor.

The orange "hair" is actually a connected series of power batteries, and when activated can give a temporary boost in power. Guy's Hyper Mode, for example, is powered by two strands of batteries. Genesic GaoGaiGar has significantly more than two strings of such canisters.

Genesic GaoGaiGar is protected by Genesic Armor, which seems to bear similar properties to J-Ark's Generating Armor. Contact with it releases Genesic Aura, causing damage. In stark contrast to the normal green hue associated with the G-Stone, the Genesic Aura is bright orange in color, similarly to "THE POWER".

  • Broken Magnum: Original version of GaoGaiGar's Broken Magnum. Though only the "fist" fires at the enemy, quite unlike other GaoGaiGar-type Mechanoids (detaching at the wrist, not at the elbow), it is vastly more powerful and longer in range.
  • Protect Shade: Original version of GaoGaiGar's Protect Shade, employing unfurling vanes on the "Protect" wrist. Vastly more powerful and wider in radius. Rather than returning the attack in pentagram form, as with previous Protect Shades, releases a burst of Genesic Aura on contact that destroys everything in a massive area centered on GaoGaiGar. However, this is also GaoGaiGar's weakest point, as the vanes are prone to destruction, making Protect Shade unusable.
  • Gadget Feather: GadgetGao's "wings" split open for additional thrust and maneuvering capability, allowing travel through space and atmosphere.
  • Straight Drill: Version of GaoGaiGar's Drill Knee performed with the left (StraightGao) leg, splitting its target apart. Unlike the original version, this attack is named in the series.
  • Spiral Drill: Version of GaoGaiGar's Drill Knee performed with the right (SpiralGao) leg, shredding its target apart. Unlike the original version, this attack is named in the series.

In addition to these basic abilities, Genesic GaoGaiGar can utilize a number of onboard Gadget Tools formed from its multi-segmented "tail" (actually the head and neck of GadgetGao when in separated form). These are as follows:

  • Will Knife: Formed from the "head" of GadgetGao (the last segment of the "tail"). Attaches over Genesic GaoGaiGar's right hand. Mechanoid-sized version of the Will Knife used by Cyborg Guy and Evoluder Guy, with similar properties (sharpness variable based on the user's strength of will). This tool is further noted in official sources to be able to cut through dimensional rifts (though this is not seen in FINAL or any current official GaoGaiGar work). When used on Palparepa, the Will Knife temporarily glowed orange - this is likely a result of channeling the Genesic Aura into the weapon, allowing it to more easily destroy Palparepa's Loud G-Stone derived weaponry.
  • Bolting Driver (A-Type): Formed from the two segments closest to the "head" of GadgetGao, which combine and attach in-line over Genesic GaoGaiGar's left hand. Can employ the following "bolts," creating variable properties:
  • Genesic Bolt: Bolt with a diamond-shaped tip fired from the mouth of Galeon. Disintegrates targets in a wide radius. (In Genesic GaoGaiGar's appearance in the video game Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, there is an attack not seen in the anime where this bolt is fired directly at the target.)
Bolts in the official design for Genesic GaoGaiGar, but never used in any official GaoGaiGar work (as of this writing):
  • Broken Bolt: Bolt with a screw-shaped tip ending in a sharp point, fired from the mouth of BrokenGao. Causes "internal explosion" within a target.
  • Protect Bolt: Bolt with a screw-shaped tip ending in a flat nub (as with a standard cap screw-type bolt), fired from the mouth of ProtectGao. Creates a "Protect Film" with effects similar to those of the Dimension Pliers, Dividing Driver and Gatling Driver.

Unlike the Dividing and Gatling Drivers before it, the Bolting Driver can and does fire multiple times in rapid succession. It is also important to note that unlike previous Drivers, the Bolting Driver does not require GaoGaiGar's left arm to be undamaged in order to attach properly.

  • Bolting Driver (B-Type): (In the technical specifications for Genesic GaoGaiGar. Never used in any official GaoGaiGar work to date.) Utilization and effect unknown. (possibly a back-up to Bolting Driver (A-Type).) It may be that this was included so that Genesic GaoGaiGar could use the Double-Head Driver technique.
  • Galeollia Road: (In the technical specifications and official design for Genesic GaoGaiGar. Never used in any official GaoGaiGar work to date.) Formed from the two sections of GadgetGao closest to the body. Requires use of both hands. Utilization and effect unknown. (Based on name, probably a device to travel between points quickly like an ES Window, based on its namesake, Galeollia Comet.)
  • (Genesic) Hell and Heaven: The original, and most powerful known version of Hell and Heaven. Uses the center three segments of the tail, which split over Genesic GaoGaiGar and collect over both hands to create gigantic "claws" that are used with the ability, which is otherwise similar in nature to other versions of Hell and Heaven. When Evoluder Guy uses this ability, he speaks the full "Two Powers Into One" chant: "gemu giru gan go gufo, vitas!"

Despite the numerous differences between it and GaoFighGar, Genesic GaoGaiGar is still shown to be capable of using the GGG-created Gravity Shockwave Generating Division Tool Goldion Crusher; as its hand interface was designed for GaoFighGar, however, Genesic GaoGaiGar's arm had to be smashed into the connector for an interface to occur, and even then it had to be hacked through Guy's Evoluder abilities.

Awakener GaiGo

A "Neuromechanoid" (a combination of Neuronoid and Mechanoid) built with the cooperation of Akamatsu Heavy Industries (the company seen in Betterman). Its Head Divers (pilots) are Mamoru Amami (Womb Head Diver, Accept Mode Pilot) and Ikumi Kaidou (Cereb Head Diver, Active Mode Pilot). Capable of flying without any option parts.

Can transform (involving inversion of the Neuromechanoid) between two forms:

  • Active Mode: Mode with a head with a humanoid face resembling GaiGar.
  • Accept Mode: Mode with a visored head resembling J-Der, or possibly the Neuronoids from Betterman.

This mechanoid is slated to be in the upcoming GaoGaiGar project The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Project Z.


Components: Awakener GaiGo + DrillGao II + LinerGao II + StealthGao II

A Super Neuromechanoid built with the cooperation of Akamatsu Heavy Industries. It combines StealthGao II (from Star GaoGaiGar) and LinerGao II and DrillGao II (from GaoFighGar) with the Neuromechanoid Awakener GaiGo. The most likely reason for the use of StealthGao II rather than III is that GaiGo cannot produce Program Rings, forcing GaoGaiGo to use the less powerful Phantom Rings. It is jointly piloted by Mamoru Amami and Ikumi Kaidou, and runs on a combination of Linker Gel and Ul-Tech power. The makers theorize that Ikumi Kaidou's J-Jewel energies will supercharge the G-Stones embedded in GaoGaiGo - this may be based on the effect seen with the jointly operated King J-Der. Other data concerning it is yet to be translated. Its model number is GBR-21.

This mechanoid is slated to be in the upcoming GaoGaiGar project The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Project Z.

Red Planet Mechanoids

Collectively referred to by the 31 Machine Primevals as "The Disaster Left by Abel."


Components: Soldat J-series cyborg + J-Bird section of J-Ark/J-Battler

Result of Fusion between a Soldat J-series cyborg and J-Bird (the upper, separatable component of J-Ark which contains the bridge and dorsal Anti-Meson Cannons). After Fusion occurs, the J-Bird must "Plug Out" in order to transform into J-Der (or King J-Der).

  • Plasma Wing: A pair of plasma forms are sprouted from J-Der's back that, despite the name more closely resemble the tail of a Peacock, allowing for rapid travel through space and atmosphere.
  • Plasma Sword: Mechanoid-sized version of the Soldat J-series cyborgs' Radiant Ripper. Concentrated plasma is emitted over J-Der's right hand, focused to a point. Used as a bladed cutting weapon.
  • Double Plasma Sword: Plasma Swords are emitted over both of J-Der's hands.

J-Der can "half-dock" within the main body of J-Ark—leaving its upper body in robot form while its legs remain in J-Bird form. This creates J-Rider Mode, allowing J-Der to utilize J-Ark's power and speed at the cost of J-Der's own maneuverability.

King J-Der

Components: J-Der (Soldat J-series cyborg + J-Bird section of J-Ark/J-Battler) + Main body of J-Ark/J-Battler

The main body of the J-Ark (and, by extension, King J-Der) is protected through energy-based Generating Armor, which serves to act as a type of force field. In FINAL, J-Ark can be seen rebuilding large parts of itself, possibly through use of Generating Armor. King J-Der is also by a very wide margin the largest mech among the protagonists, with even GaoGaiGar itself being barely half King J-Der's size.

  • Five-Linked Maser Cannons: Fired from cannon barrels forming each of King J-Der's fingertips, five powerful beams lance out in concert, striking any target along their path.
  • Ten-Linked Maser Cannons: Five-Linked Maser Cannons fired from both hands.
  • Anti-Meson Cannons: Can also be used in J-Ark form. Arm- and leg-mounted turret weapons that fire beams capable of destroying matter. Can apparently be focused well enough to target specific materials (as shown when destroying Zonder Metal organisms, leaving humans unharmed).
  • Simultaneous Barrage: Five-Linked Maser Cannons and Anti-Meson Cannons from both hands fired together.
  • J-Quath: A gigantic arc-shaped device mounted under King J-Der's right arm like a bow or boomerang; stored beneath the nose cone in J-Ark form. When fired, the arc becomes infused with a crimson energy and flies out in the shape of a bird, piercing nearly any object. When used against Primevals, it returns the Primeval core to King J-Der's hand. It ranks favorably in terms of sheer power with Xiang Tou Long and the Goldion Hammer (although, as seen in FINAL, is not as powerful as a Goldion Hammer powered by a berserk Evoluder).
  • J-Phoenix: Seen in GaoGaiGar FINAL. Releases all limiters on King J-Der's Generating Armor, raising it to maximum output. This creates a J-Quath effect using the entire body of King J-Der.
  • General Pummeling: King J-Der is immensely powerful, and can tear apart a Primeval with no more than punches and kicks.

King J-Der mainly uses his right hand when firing Anti-Meson Cannon and left hand when firing Five-Linked Maser Cannons.

Both King J-Der and J-Ark can also deploy ES Missiles (missiles that employ an ES Window for indirect attack) and ES Mines that open an ES Window when detonated.

As seen in the PlayStation videogame The King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Blockaded Numbers. King J-Der can also interface GaoGaiGar's Goldion Hammer tool with its Jewel Generator, creating a Silverion Hammer for its specific use. The Silverion Hammer, relative to King J-Der, is actually the size of a normal mallet. King J-Der, being vastly larger and tougher structurally than GaoGaiGar, can use the Silverion Hammer without damage to itself. When used, King J-Der displays the following attacks.

  • J-Der Hell: King J-Der strikes the enemy with the Silverion Hammer, breaking apart its barrier and weakening its structure. It then strikes the enemy with the fingers on its left hand, breaking the now-brittle shell apart and wedging the Zonder Core (Cores in the case of the combined EI-72 and EI-73, on whom this technique was used) in the barrels of its Maser Cannons.
  • J-Der Heaven: King J-Der pulls back its left hand, retrieving the Zonder Core it obtained with J-Der Hell.
  • Hikari Ni Nare: Using the Silverion Hammer, King J-Der dissolves the enemy into light.

Near the end of FINAL, King J-Der was jointly operated by Soldato J and Renais-Kardif Shishio. This resulted in its head J-Jewel glowing alternately with the J-Jewel and G-Stone symbols, and seemingly increased its power output dramatically enough that it could match the formerly untouchable Pia Decem Pit in single combat. This effect may have been the reason why Ikumi Kaidou was selected as a Head Diver for the Super Neuromechanoid GaoGaiGo in the upcoming GaoGaiGar work The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Project Z - a similar effect is mentioned by the makers of the machine.

As with Volfogg, all of King J-Der's Mega Fusion sequence was heavily altered in addition to being remastered for FINAL. While the former version has a more "realistic" appearance to it, the second version is expanded, including the use of Plasma Wing to generate a cocoon around the transforming J-Ark and the addition of a zoomed-out shot of phoenix wings behind the completed mechanoid. The head is also changed the second time the transformation seqence is shown to reflect damage taken earlyer.

Repli-jin Mechanoids


Components: Repli-Mamoru + Repli-Galeon

Seen in GaoGaiGar FINAL. Result of Fusion performed by Repli-Mamoru with Repli-Galeon. Is capable of using all of GaiGar's original abilities.

Repli-Star GaoGaiGar

Components: Repli-GaiGar (Repli-Mamoru + Repli-Galeon) + Pas-Q Machine + Q-GaoMachines

Seen in GaoGaiGar FINAL. Result of Final Fusion performed between Repli-GaiGar and the Chinese Aeronautics Division's prototype Q-GaoMachines, with the complete Pas-Q Machine supercharging the result. Is capable of using all of Star GaoGaiGar's original abilities, but at a higher level of power (performing identically to GaoFighGar's usage of the same abilities until Guy becomes enraged). Capable of using Hell and Heaven, which is shown to be able to shatter the Goldion Hammer, with no damage to Repli-Mamoru.


Components: Repli-GaoFar (Guy + Repli-PhantomGao) + Repli-GaoMachines

Seen in GaoGaiGar FINAL. Result of Final Fusion between a mind-controlled Guy Shishio and replicas of GaoFighGar's components created by the Pas-Q Machine. Possesses all of GaoFighGar's abilities, and wields a replica of the Goldion Hammer against King J-Der. Destroyed by a blast from the Soul Wave after Guy is freed from his mind control by Mamoru and Mikoto. As with all Repli-Jins, appears as a paler version of GaoFighGar.

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  • The King of Braves GaoGaiGar glossary — This is a glossary of terms from the anime and manga series The King of Braves GaoGaiGar and The King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL . Base energy sources G Stone and G Crystal The G Stone is an energy source developed on the Green Planet by the Green …   Wikipedia

  • The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Final — Infobox animanga/Header name = The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Final caption = GaoGaiGar Final logo (from FINAL.07 Opening) ja name = 勇者王ガオガイガー FINAL ja name trans = Yūshaō Gaogaigā Fainaru genre = Mecha, ActionInfobox animanga/OVA title = director …   Wikipedia

  • Cyborgs in fiction — Cyborgs are a prominent staple in the science fiction genre. This article summarizes notable instances of cyborgs in fiction. Contents 1 Examples in history 2 Written fiction 3 Comics and manga 4 …   Wikipedia

  • Specific mecha in media — In some works of science fiction (and, more rarely, fantasy), mecha, giant robots, meka, or mechs are piloted or remote controlled limbed vehicles. They are generally, though not necessarily, bipedal. The distinction between low end mecha and… …   Wikipedia

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