A brook is a small stream. The word may also refer to:


*In the United Kingdom:
**Brook, Carmarthenshire
**Brook, Hampshire, to the north of Romsey
**Brook, Isle of Wight
**Brook, Kent
**Brook, New Forest, Hampshire, in the New Forest
**Brook, Surrey
*In the United States:
**Brook, Indiana


*A persona of Mary J. Blige
*Brook (One Piece), a fictional skeleton from the anime and manga "One Piece"
*Brook Mahealani Lee (born 1971), former Miss USA and Miss Universe (1997) from Hawaii, USA
*Clive Brook (1887 - 1974), English actor
*Eric Brook (1907 - 1965), English footballer
*Faith Brook (born 1922), English actress
*Holly Brook (born 1986), Americah singer and songwriter
*Jayne Brook (born 1962), American actress
*Kelly Brook (born 1979), English model
*Kevin Alan Brook
*Michael Brook (born 1951), Canadian guitarist, inventor, producer, and film music composer
*Norman Brook, 1st Baron Normanbrook
*Peter Brook (born 1925), English theatre and film director and innovator
*Richard Brook, English executive
*Richard Brook VII (born 1959), VP of the WPP group
*Sebastian J. Brook (born 1980), English actor
*Tom Brook (born 1953), "BBC World" presenter
*Yaron Brook

Other uses

*BrookGPU, a framework for GPGPU programming

ee also

*Brock (surname)

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