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name = RedeTV!
logofile = Logo Rede TV!.gif
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launch = November 15, 1999
picture format = 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
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owner = Tele TV and TecNet
headquarters = São Paulo (SP)
country = Brazil
slogan = "Quem vê, já sabe." ("Who watches it, already knows it.")
web = []
broadcast area = São Paulo
Rio de Janeiro
Rio Grande do Sul
Minas Gerais

terr serv 1 = Analogue
terr chan 1 = Channel 09 (São Paulo)
terr chan 2 = Channel 06 (Rio de Janeiro)
terr chan 3 = Channel 04 (Belo Horizonte)
terr chan 4 = Channel 06 (Recife)
terr chan 5 = Channel 02 (Fortaleza)
terr serv 6 = Digital
terr chan 7 = Channel 29 (São Paulo)
terr chan 8 = Channel 21 (Rio de Janeiro)
terr chan 9 = Channel 25 (Belo Horizonte)
sat serv 1 =
sat chan 1 =
sat serv 2 =
sat chan 2 =
cable serv 1 =
cable chan 1 =
cable serv 2 =
cable chan 2 =

RedeTV! or TV Ômega Ltda (Portuguese for TV!Network) is a Brazilian television network hosted in São Paulo. Formed in 1999 using part of Rede Manchete structure. Currently, is the fifth TV network in Brazil in the ratings. Its principal shows are Pânico na TV, the second most famous humour program in Brazil, Superpop, presented by the hostess Luciana Gimenez, and TV Fama, a gossip program. It was responsible for the Brazilian version of Desperate Housewives, Donas de Casa Desesperadas, series exhibited in 2007. The TV programming is directed mostly to the entertainment, with programslike Dollery, audience shows, journalism, sports, TV series, interview programs, feminine showbizz. RedeTV! was the first since 2008, and remains the only, Brazilian network to produce all of its original programming in high definition.

RedeTV! Shows

* Bom Dia Mulher
* TV Esporte Notícias
* A Tarde É Sua
* Notícias das Sete
* Encontro Marcado
* RedeTV! News
* TV Fama
* Leitura Dinâmica
* Superpop
* Ritmo Brasil
* Sábado Campeão
* RedeTV! Esporte
* Bola na Rede
* Show Business
* Late Show Viva Mundo
* Pânico na TV
* Programa Amaury Jr
* Amaury Jr. Show
* Dr. Hollywood
* Ugly Betty

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