Perpetual War

Perpetual War

Infobox Album |
Name = Perpetual War
Type = studio
Longtype = (demo)
Artist = Diecast

Released = 1997
Recorded = March, 1997
Genre = Metalcore
Length = 18:53
Label = Self-Released
Producer = Brian McTernan
Reviews =
Last album =
This album = "Perpetual War"
Next album = "Undo the Wicked"

"Perpetual War" is the debut release by the Boston-based metalcore music group Diecast. The five track demo was recorded on a cassette tape, and it is near impossible to obtain a copy of it.

Track listing

# "Pick a Side" written by S Leurini
# "To Thine Self"
# "We Our Enemy"
# "Labeled Unity"
# "Now It Starts"

Personnel (Line-up)

* Colin Schleifer – Vocals
* Nassim Rizvi – Guitar
* Jeremy Wooden – Bass
* Jason Costa – Drums
* Sean Leurini - Guitar

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