Apocalypse Meow

Apocalypse Meow

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"Apocalypse Meow" is a three volume manga series written and illustrated by Motofumi Kobayashi. It was originally published in Japan as "Cat Shit One" in 1998 by Softbank Publishing, but was renamed for the US release to parody the title of the film "Apocalypse Now", which also took place during the Vietnam War. It was published in the UK in 2004 by ADV Manga. It was also released in Poland in 2006, also under the title "Cat Shit One". It has been released in France, Belgium and Spain too, as "Cat Shit One", by Glénat in 2006. [http://www.glenatmanga.com/cat-shit-one-1-9782723456326.htm]


The manga follows three American soldiers in the Vietnam War, "Bota", "Perky" and "Rats". All three are in the recon group called Cat Shit One. Each mission (or chapter) shows the daily activities of the reconnaissance group in Vietnam. There are sections of the manga which give brief history and truths behind the war, such as the types of weapons used by different countries and the activities of forces in the war. At the end of volume one there is a chapter called Dog Shit One separate from the main story, showing human characters.

Character depiction

The manga depicts the characters as different animals according to their nationality as follows:

*American - Rabbit
*Vietnamese - Cat
*French - Pig
*Chinese - Panda
*Japanese - Monkey and Gorilla
*Russian - Bear
*Korean - Dog
*British - Rat
*Australian - Kangaroo and Koala

Main characters

*Sergent Perkins (aka Perky) - An American soldier and leader of the Cat Shit One recon group.
*Sergent White (aka Rats) - American soldier who translates between Americans and Vietnamese.
*Botaski (aka Bota) - American soldier. In the story his character shows a strong dislike of Asian people.
*Chico - A Montagnard (or "Yard") trained by the Americans. His character features in the story a lot, especially near the end of volume three.


External links

* [http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/manga.php?id=2640 Anime News Network Details]
* [http://catshitone.waneko.pl/ Polish site for "Cat Shit One"]

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