List of political parties in Albania

List of political parties in Albania

This article lists political parties in Albania.

Albania has a multi-party system, with two or three strong parties and a third party that is electorally successful.

The parties

Parties represented in the parliament, with leaders

*Christian Democratic Party of Albania ("Partia Demokristiane e Shqipërisë") - Nard Ndoka
*Democratic Alliance Party ("Partia Aleanca Demokratike") - Neritan Ceka
*Democratic Party of Albania ("Partia Demokratike e Shqipërisë") - Sali Berisha
*Environmentalist Agrarian Party ("Partia Agrare Ambientaliste") - Lufter Xhuveli
*Liberal Democratic Union ("Bashkimi Liberal Demokrat") - Arian Starova
*Movement for Solidarity - Fatos Nano
*New Democratic Party ("Partia Demokrate e Re") - Genc Pollo
*Republican Party of Albania ("Partia Republikane e Shqipërisë") - Fatmir Mediu
*Social Democratic Party of Albania ("Partia Socialdemokrate e Shqipërisë") - Skënder Gjinushi
*Social Democracy Party of Albania ("Partia Demokracia Sociale e Shqiperise") - Paskal Milo
*Socialist Movement for Integration ("Lëvizja Socialiste për Intigrim") - Ilir Meta
*Socialist Party of Albania ("Partia Socialiste e Shqipërisë") - Edi Rama
*Unity for Human Rights Party ("Partia Bashkimi për të Drejtat e Njeriut") - Vangjel Dule

Other registered parties (as of 2005)

*Albanian Affairs Party
*Albanian Business Party
*Albanian Democratic Monarchist Movement Party
*Albanian Democratic Union Party
*Albanian Emigration Party
*Albanian European New Democratic Party
*Albanian Homeland Party
*Albanian National Alliance Party
*Albanian National League
*Albanian National Reconciliation Party
*Albanian National Security Party
*Albanian National Unity Party (Partia Bashkesia Kombetare Shqiptare) - Henry Perolli
*Albanian Party of Democratic Reforms
*Albanian Party of Labour
*Albanian Path of Truth Party
*Albanian Republican United Party
*Albanian Socialist Alliance Party
*Albanian Workers Movement Party
*Alliance for Welfare and Solidarity
*Christian Social Party of Albania (Partia Socialkristiane Shqiperise) - Fran Bruka
*Communist Party of Albania
*Communist Party of Albania 8 November
*Conservative Party (Partia Konservatore) - Armando Ruço
*Democratic National Front Party
*Democratic Renewal Party
*Environmentalist Party
*Forca Albania Party
*Greens of Albania Party (PartiaTë Gjelbërit e Shqipërisë) - Edlir Petanaj
*Liberal Democratic Alliance Party of Albania
*Liberal Democratic Union
*"Lidhja së Blertë Shqiptare"
*Movement for Human Rights and Liberties (Levizja per te Drejtat dhe Lirite e Njeriut) - Ligoraq Karamelo
*Movement of Legality Party (Partia Lëvizja e Legalitetit) - Eqerem Spahia
*National Front (Partia Balli Kombëtar Shqiptar) - Shpëtim Rroqi
*National Social Integration Party
*National Unity Party
*"Partia Ardhmeria Shqiptare"
*"Partia Demokracia Paqësore e Shqipërisë"
*"Partia Demokratike Demokracia e Re e Djathte Shqiptare"
*"Partia Demokratike Gjirokaster e Shqiperise"
*"Partia e te Drejtave te Mohuara"
*Party for Defence of Workers Rights
*Party for Rights and Integration
*Party for the Defence of the Rights of the Emigrants
*Path of Freedom Party
*Popular Alliance Party


*United Right of Albania
*Democratic Party of the Right
*Macedonian Alliance for European Integration
*Right National Front - Hysni Selfo

Defunct parties

*Albanian Party of Labour - Enver Hoxha
*Party of United Communists of Albania - Muharrem Xhafa
*Union for Victory coalition (Bashkimi për Fitoren)

External links

* [ Partia e Punës e Shqipërisë] (Labour Party of Albania)
* [ Te Gjelberit] (The Greens)

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