Thoros III, King of Armenia

Thoros III, King of Armenia

Thoros III or Toros III ( _hy. Թորոս Երրորդ, same as Theodore; c. 1271 – 23 July 1298) was king of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, ruling from 1293 to 1298. He was the son of Leo II of Armenia and Kyranna de Lampron, and was part of the Hetoumid-family. In 1293 his brother Hethum II abdicated in his favour; however, Toros recalled Hetum to the throne in 1295. The two brought their sister Rita to Constantinople to marry Michael IX Paleologus in 1296, and were imprisoned on their return in Bardzrberd by their brother Sempad, who had usurped the throne in 1296. Toros was murdered, strangled to death on July 23, 1298 in Bardzrberd by Oshin, Marshal of Armenia, on Sempad's orders.

Toros was married twice; his first marriage, to Marguerite de Lusignan (ca 1276 - 1296, Armenia) (the daughter of King Hugh III of Cyprus), took place on January 9, 1288. His only son, by his first marriage, was Leo III of Armenia (ruling 1303-1307).


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