List of calendars

List of calendars

In current use

*Assyrian calendar
*Astronomical year numbering
*Bahá'í calendar
*Bengali calendar
*Berber calendar
*Buddhist calendar
*Chinese calendar
*Coptic calendar
*Ethiopian calendar
*Fiscal year varies with different countries. Used in accounting only.
*Germanic calendar (still in use by Ásatrúar)
*Gregorian calendar (used by most countries in the world today. Also named "Christian calendar")
*Hebrew calendar
*Hindu calendars
*Indian national calendar
*ISO week date
*Iranian calendar
*Irish calendar
*Islamic calendar
*Japanese calendar
*Javanese calendar
*Juche calendar
*Julian calendar (still used by Orthodox churches for Easter)
*Revised Julian calendar
*Lithuanian calendar
*Malayalam calendar
*Maya calendar (parts still used by Maya Indians)
*Minguo calendar
*Nanakshahi calendar
*Nepali calendar
*Nepal Sambat
*Republic of China calendar
*Romanian calendar
*Runic calendar (Still in use by Ásatrúar)
*Taiwanese calendar
*Tamil Calendar
*Thai lunar calendar (still used for some Thai holidays)
*Thai solar calendar
*Tibetan calendar
*Zoroastrian calendar (including Parsi)

Archaic calendars

*Ancient Bulgarian calendar
*Ancient Macedonian calendar
*Attic calendar
*Aztec calendar
*Babylonian calendar
*Bulgar calendar
*Byzantine calendar
*Coligny calendar
*Egyptian calendar
*Enoch calendar
*French Revolutionary calendar
*Hellenic calendar
*Mesoamerican calendars
*Pentecontad calendar
*Positivist calendar
*Roman calendar
*Runic calendar
*Soviet calendar (Gregorian calendar with 5- and 6-day weeks)
*King's Calendar


Reform calendars

The following are proposed reforms of the Gregorian calendar

*Holocene calendar
*International Fixed Calendar (also called the "International Perpetual calendar")
*World Calendar
*Leap week calendars
**Pax Calendar

Non-Earth calendar proposals

*Darian system: a series of proposed calendars developed by Thomas Gangale for future colonists living on other bodies in our solar system. The most complete variant is the one developed for Mars, although variants exist for timekeeping on the four Galilean moons of Jupiter, and on Titan.


*Discworld calendar
*Middle-earth calendar
*Stardates (from Star Trek)
*Star Wars calendar
*Discordian calendar

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