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type=Premium tequila
manufacturer= The Patrón Spirits Company
origin= Mexico
introduced= 1989
proof= 80
variants=Añejo, Burdeos, Citrónge, Gran Platinum, Reposado, Silver

Patrón is a brand of tequila produced in Mexico and imported into the United States solely by The Patrón Spirits Company, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. John McDonnell, the Patrón Spirits Co. COO, explains, "Patrón is a luxury product—every bottle is hand-blown, cork-finished, and individually numbered."

Patrón is the country's fastest-growing tequila . [Hinckley, David. "Tequila Ads Pulled for Patrón-izing Sex." "New York Daily News". 5 April 2007: 43.] It is made entirely from agave which gives it a smoother taste. Marc N. Scheinman, a marketing professor at Pace University, says " [Patrón] positioned themselves to be the BMW of tequila." [Palmeri, Christopher. "The Barroom Brawl Over Patrón." "Business Week". 17 September 2007: 72.]

Patrón bottles five different varieties of tequila, marketed as "Gran Patrón" (a high priced silver tequila and añejo version), "Patrón Silver", "Patrón Añejo", and "Patrón Reposado". The company also markets a tequila-coffee blend known as "Patrón XO Cafe" made by Tequilas del Señor and a triple sec known as "Patrón Citrónge". Patrón has introduced a new high-end ultra premium tequila known as "Gran Patrón Burdeos Añejo"; which is currently only available at certain high-end restaurants and establishments. ["Luxury Tequila Signals Export Drive for Patrón: Patrón has high hopes for New Premium Tequila Gran Patrón Burdeos - Brands to Watch." "Duty Free News International." 15 March 2007: S22.]

Patrón advertises in several popular magazines in the United States including "Rolling Stone", "Fortune", "Black Enterprise", "Sports Illustrated", "Playboy", "Wine Spectator", "Vogue (magazine)", and "Texas Monthly". This is an effort to reach their major target audience of male spirits consumers, aged 21–44, with an annual income above $40,000. [Levere, Jane L. "Finding 'Perfection' in a Bottle." "The New York Times." 24 July 2006.]

Patrón has become synonymous to an icon of wealth in the hip-hop culture. It has been referred to in countless hip-hop and R&B hits. Hip-Hop/R&B artist T-Pain mentions it heavily in his song, "Silver & Gold". Rapper T.I. has also mentioned the spirit in his two new singles, "Swing Ya Rag" and "Whatever You Like" from his new album "Paper Trail", and Lil Wayne mentions it in his appearance on Chris Brown's "Gimme That Remix. Young Joc also had a song patron. Usher's "Make Love (in this Club)" also references Patrón.


The company was formed in 1989 by John Paul DeJoria, a co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, Clint Eastwood and Martin Crowley.


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