Fanyang (trad. ch.: 范陽, also called : Youzhou 幽州 for administrative purposes, and Ji 薊 or Yānjīng 燕京 when the Capital of the Yan state) was an ancient city in northern China, located around the modern-day city of Beijing.

As Ji and Yanjing

Fanyang was founded during the Warring States Period by the state of Yan, who then made it their capital city.

As Fanyang

After the conquest of the Yan by the Qin, the city was made the capital of Guangyang Province (Traditional Chinese: 廣陽郡). During the Han Dynasty, the city was transferredclarifyme to as the capital of Yuyang Province (Traditional Chinese: 漁陽郡).

Fanyang was the administrative center of Youzhou in the Eastern Han. Due to its proximity to the northern border of the Han, the city was constantly attacked by barbarian tribes. During the Yellow Turban Rebellion, the city itself was also assaulted.

In The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the commander of Fanyang at the time was Liu Yan, better known as the governor of Yizhou Province a few years later. After Liu Yan's reposting, Liu Yu became the commander of Yizhou. His subordinate, Gongsun Zan, eventually attacked Youzhou and killed Liu Yu, becoming the commander of Fanyang.

;Jin and TangDuring the Jin and the Tang Dynasties, Fanyang was an important military garrison and a commerce hub. North to 幽州 Youzhou was 营州 Yingzhou, West was 代州 Daizhou military regions. [Accordint to the Taiwan edition of The Cambridge History of China, vol.3, Tang and Sui, p.219] An Lushan began his revolt in Fanyang, and when he became the Emperor of the Greater Yan, Fanyang was designated its capital.


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