Gruffydd Fychan II

Gruffydd Fychan II

Gruffydd Fychan II was Lord of Glyndyfrdwy and Lord of Cynllaith Owain c.1330-1369. As such, he had a claim to be hereditary prince of Powys Fadog.


The epithet 'Fychan' implies that his father was also called Gruffydd. However certain genealogical tables convey conflicting data. It has been thought that he was the "son" of Madog Crypl who died in 1304. However, for him to inherit the throne then and to rule "until 1369" seems unlikely. Other tables suggest his father was Gruffydd ap Madog Fychan a son of Madog Fychan.Fact|date=May 2008

Most probably, he was the grandson of Madog Crypl, whose son Gruffydd was aged about six at his father's death, but already married. Gruffydd was still alive in 1343. [J. E. Lloyd, "Owen Glendower: Owen Glyn Dŵr" (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1931), 9-15. ]

Marriage & Issue

Gruffydd Fychan II was married to Elen, daughter of Thomas ap Llwelyn lord of half the of commote Iscoed Uch Hirwen and of quarter of Gwynonydd, both in Cardiganshire. [Lloyd, 16-17] They had issue:

* Madog, died young
* Owain ap Gruffydd, later known as "Owain Glyndŵr", proclaimed Prince of Wales and leader of the Welsh revolt in September 1400 which lasted to 1412 or 1416. He married Margaret Hanmer, daughter of Sir David Hanmer and had issue.
* Lowry, married Robert Puleston, and had issue.
* Isabel, married Adda ap Iorwerth Ddu, and had issue.
* Gruffydd
* Tudur, Lord of Gwyddelwern


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