Staro Nagoričane municipality

Staro Nagoričane municipality

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area_code =+389 031
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Staro Nagoričane (Cyrillic: Старо Нагоричане) is a municipality in northern Republic of Macedonia. "Staro Nagoričane" is also the name of the village where the municipal seat is found. This municipality is part of Northeastern statistical region.


The municipality borders Serbia in the north, Kumanovo municipality in the west, Kratovo municipality in the south and Rankovce municipality in the east.

History and culture

By the 2003 territorial division of the Republic, the rural Klečevce municipality was attached to Staro Nagoričane municipality.

A particularly fine example of medieval Serbian ecclesiastical architecture is found in the municipality, in the form of the 14th century Church of St. George. "(See: Serbo-Byzantine style)"


Ethnic groups in the municipality (2002 census):
*Macedonians = 3,906
*Serbs = 926
*others = 8

ee also

*Municipalities of the Republic of Macedonia

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* [ Church in Staro Nagoričane]
* [ Municipalities of the Republic of Macedonia]

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