Donald Michael Kraig

Donald Michael Kraig

Donald Michael Kraig (born 1951[citation needed]) is an American occult author and practitioner of ceremonial magic. Kraig has published six books, including his 1988 introduction to ceremonial magic, Modern Magick. He has also been an editor for Fate Magazine and for his main publisher Llewellyn Worldwide.



According to his page at Llewelen (see "references" below) Kraig graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy and studied public speaking and music at other colleges and universities. After a decade of personal study and practice, he taught courses in Southern California on topics including Qabalah, Tarot, Magick, and Tantra.[1]

Kraig has given lectures and workshops all over[vague] the United States.[citation needed] He has been a member of several[vague] spiritual and magical groups, and claims to be an initiated[citation needed] Tantric. He has been a professional musician, taught computer skills at the University of Southern California, is a member of Hollywood's magician club The Magic Castle,[citation needed] and is currently[when?] studying for a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy[citation needed]. He was an editor of Fate Magazine.[citation needed] Kraig is signed to Llewellyn Publications (now Llewellyn Worldwide), publisher or co-publisher of his main books, articles, and tapes; he also became the editor for The Llewellyn Journal in 2001 and for Llewellyn's New Worlds in 2003.


Published works include:


  • 1988. Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts. Llewellyn Publications. ISBN 0-87542-324-8 (2nd edition: 2002) (republished in 2010 re-subtitled: 12 Lessons in the High Magickal Arts.)
  • 1990. Magical Diary. Llewellyn Publications. ISBN 0-87542-322-1
  • 1994. The Truth about Evocation of Spirits. Llewellyn Publications. ISBN 1-56718-393-X
  • 1998. Modern Sex Magick: Secrets of Erotic Spirituality. Llewellyn Publications. ISBN 1-56718-394-8
  • 1999. The Truth about Psychic Powers. Llewellyn Publications. ISBN 0-87542-355-8
  • 2002. Tarot and Magic. Llewellyn Publications. ISBN 0-7387-0185-8


  • In Llewellyn Publications' New Worlds:
    • "The World of Magick" in New Worlds #23 [1]
    • "The World of Magick" in New Worlds #34 [2]
    • "Advanced Magick" in New Worlds #43 [3]
    • "Magick and Kindergarten" in New Worlds #44 [4]
    • "All Magick Is Sex Magick" in New Worlds #51 [5]
  • In Llewellyn Publications' The Llewellyn Journal:
    • "Discovering My Ancestors" in The Llewellyn Journal, December 2001 [6]
    • "Psychic Attack—First Defense" in The Llewellyn Journal, August 2002 [7]


  • Using Modern Magick (companion tape to the book). ACE/Llewellyn Collection, 1988.
  • The Golden Dawn: Its History & Its Magick - (lecture tape) ACE
  • The Secret of Magickal Evocation - (lecture tape) ACE
  • Tantra for the Layperson (lecture tape) ACE
  • Tantra without Tears (lecture tape) ACE
  • Kabbalistic Numerology (lecture tape) ACE
  • Kabbalistic Meditation (lecture tape) ACE
  • The Self in Transformation (Panel Discussion) ACE
  • Initiation and Initiatory Orders (Panel Discussion) ACE


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