Creative Micro Designs

Creative Micro Designs

Creative Micro Designs (CMD) is a computer technologies company which today sells PCs and related equipment, but which started out in 1987 selling self-designed firmware updates and hardware for the Commodore 64 and C128 8-bit home/personal computers.

CMD stopped selling Commodore products in 2001. In July of that year, production and sale of several of their products was taken over by Click Here Software Co. which as of 2008 is no longer fulfilling orders, due to an expired distribution license and his shop roof has a major leak.

Presently, there is a firm named "Creative Micro Designs", a manufacturer of custom electronics, which appears not to have any relation to the company described in this article.

Products for Commodore's C64 and C128

  • JiffyDOS – ROM chip replacement for C64/128 computers and floppy disk drives (such as 1541s), greatly increasing disk drive transfer speeds
  • FD seriesFloppy disk drives
  • HD Series – Hard disk drives
  • RAMLinkRAM upgrade for C64/128, essentially a RAM disk with battery backup; used 1-MB and 4-MB 30-pin SIMM memory modules
  • 1750 XL – A 2 MB RAM Expansion Unit for the C64/128, compatible with the Commodore REUs.
  • SuperCPU – CPU upgrade boxes to plug into the expansion port of the C64/128; with a 16-bit WDC 65816 CPU @ ~20 MHz
  • SuperRAMCard – Fast RAM expansion card to fit inside a SuperCPU

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