About a Dog

About a Dog

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show_name = About a Dog

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format = Comedy
runtime = 30 min
country = United Kingdom
language = English language
home_station = BBC Radio 4
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starring = Alan Davies
creator = Debbie Barham
writer = Graeme Garden
producer = Jon Naismith
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record_location =
first_aired = 6 October 2004
last_aired = Present
num_series = 2
num_episodes = 9
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"About a Dog" was Debbie Barham's last comedy proposal before she died in 2003. [BBC Radio 4 [http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/pressreleases/stories/2004/09_september/09/4comedy.shtml Press Office] ] The programme stars Alan Davies, playing a dog, Jack, with his owner, Sarah, played by Kate Ashfield in the first series and Claire Goose in the second, in a sitcom told through the eyes of a canine.

Developed by Above the Title Productions and subsequently scripted by Graeme Garden from Barham's notes, this comedy explores the unique relationship between dogs and their owners and asks if your 'best friend' has some essential 'doggy wisdom' to offer you.

The programmes were produced by Jon Naismith. Graeme Garden wrote a second series of the show that was broadcast in 2007.

Episode List

Series 1

*Episode 1: 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie' (6 October 2004)
*Episode 2: 'We Was Robbed!' (13 October 2004)
*Episode 3: 'Love, Probably' (20 October 2004)

Series 2

*Episode 1: 'A Munch in the Country' (10 July 2007)
*Episode 2: 'A Tail of Love' (17 July 2007)
*Episode 3: 'Mistress and Commander' (24 July 2007)
*Episode 4: 'Bitchcraft' (31 July 2007)
*Episode 5: 'Every Dog Has His Day' (7 August 2007)
*Episode 6: 'Collars and Cuffs' (14 August 2007)


External links

* [http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/aboutadog/ BBC Homepage]
* [http://www.radiolistings.co.uk/programmes/about_a_dog.html RadioListings Episode Guide]
* [http://www.abovethetitle.com/01_cd/cd_200406.php Series 1] links from Above the Title
* [http://www.abovethetitle.com/01_cd/cd_200706.php Series 2] links from Above the Title

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