Make Way for Noddy

Make Way for Noddy
Make Way For Noddy
Format Computer-animated children's series
Created by Enid Blyton (Noddy character)
Mallory Lewis
Presented by Naomi Wilkinson
Starring David Kaye
Michael Dobson
Britt McKillip
Richard Newman
Tabitha St. Germain
Country of origin UK United Kingdom
USA United States
Running time 15 minutes (Five); 30 minutes (PBS Kids Sprout)
Production company(s) Chorion
SD Entertainment
Shari Lewis Enterprises
Original channel United Kingdom Five
United States PBS Kids
Original run 2 September 2002 – present

Make Way for Noddy is an English CGI-animated series for children, produced by Chorion of the United Kingdom in conjunction with SD Entertainment and Shari Lewis Enterprises in the United States. Based on Enid Blyton's Noddy character, it originally aired in 12-minute segments as part of the Milkshake programme on Britain's Five, starting on 2 September, 2002.

On 5 January, 2004, an American version of the series, with "Noddy and The New Taxi" as its first episode, was launched in the United States on PBS in a half-hour version. This version, although it retained the name Make Way for Noddy, was a longer format; it combined two of the 12-minute segments with new material. Along with the story episodes featuring Noddy and his friends, the PBS format included two interstitials, a music video and footage from British television presenter Naomi Wilkinson from Milkshake!. The Say it With Noddy interstitials featured Noddy learning various foreign-language words from a robot named Whizz. Although most of the Noddy characters had been redubbed to remove their British accents, Naomi spoke with a strong British accent and used British English words and phrases in conversation.



  • Noddy is the title character, a wooden boy who lives in Toyland. Although he is characterized as a child, with a child's imagination and fears, in Toyland he also serves as the main taxi driver. He often finds himself in difficult situations due to his childlike impulsiveness and energy, but his Toy Town friends always help him set things right.
  • Big Ears is a wise old white-bearded gnome who wears a blue coat, green striped pants, a yellow and red plaid neckerchief, gnome shoes, and a long red hat and lives in a toadstool house in the forest called Toadstool Woods. He is a father-figure to Noddy and the other toys, often helping them out of trouble with his years of wisdom and good advice. His catchphrase to Noddy is "You funny little Noddy".
  • Tessie Bear is Noddy's best friend, always ready to help everyone she sees. She wears a pink and white skirt and a pink bonnet with blue flowers on it. She lives in a pink house in Toy Town with Bumpy Dog, her faithful and rambunctious pet.
  • Bumpy Dog is Tessie Bear's dog, whose bumping and jumping cause trouble for all the toys. Even though some of the toys complain about his leaping, in several stories Bumpy's energy has saved the day.
  • Sly and Gobbo are the main "villains" of Toyland, always hatching another evil plot to take away ice coins, coins, coins, coins, coins, coins, coins or Noddy's coins, serving as the main antagonist of Toyland. They live in a hollow tree in the Dark Woods, when their schemes haven't landed them in Mr. Plod's jail. They always apologize for their mischief in the end, and seem truly sorry...until the next time.
  • Mr Plod is Toyland's sole police officer. Armed with his trusty whistle and his all-purpose problem-solving phrase "HALT! In the name of Plod!", he brings law and order to Toyland, keeps Sly and Gobbo out of the way, and makes the streets safe for all the toys. Although Mr Plod's no-nonsense ways keep Toyland safe, they sometimes make him seem cold or unfeeling, but the Toyland toys always bring out his compassionate side in the end.
  • Mr Sparks is Toyland's mechanic, fix-it man, and jack-of-all-trades. Faced with a clock without a spring, a rocket without an engine, or a problem without a solution, he brings out his tools and his famous catch phrase "A challenge?...I like it!". He speaks with a Scottish accent, and is always shown as an ingenious and helpful friend.
  • Miss Harriet the Pink Cat (aka Miss Pink Cat) owns Toy Town's ice cream shop. She is portrayed as very fussy and neat, with a French accent and no patience for foolishness, even her own.
  • Dinah Doll is a toy plastic doll, the Toy Town shopkeeper. Her stall, though small, contains everything a Toyland resident could ever possibly want. From toy trains and kite strings to googleberry muffins, she greets every request with her favourite promise: "I have that, now I just have to find it!" She's portrayed as a down-to-earth "older sister" figure, kindly guiding the more impulsive toys into doing the right thing.
  • Master Tubby Bear, a stuffed teddy bear, is one of the more mischievous residents of Toyland. He wears a tie, a colorful cap, and blue jeans. He's impatient, greedy and thoughtless, until one of the older, wiser Toy Town toys shows him the error of his ways. He's good friends with Martha Monkey.
  • Martha Monkey is a monkey doll whose personality makes her a bit of an outcast in Toyland. She seems to want to be everyone's friend, but her boisterous behaviour and prankster ways often get in the way. Like Master Tubby Bear, her best friend, she'll quickly see the light when her bad behaviour is corrected by a caring friend.
  • Mr Jumbo is a friendly stuffed elephant. He uses his size to help smaller toys, like his best friend Clockwork Mouse.
  • Clockwork Mouse is a wind-up toy mouse, Mr Jumbo's best friend.
  • Mr Wobblyman wobbles and tips wherever he goes, he has a ball where his legs should be! He's very self-conscious about his clumsiness, especially when his wobbling attracts teasing.
  • The Skittles are a family of bowling-pin-like toys who love nothing more than to be knocked over - whether by each other, a Bouncing Ball, or Bumpy Dog. Mrs Skittle can often be seen in Toy Town, trying to keep all the little Skittles in sight.
  • Harvey and Cecilia are two beetles who are often overlooked because of their small size and can normally be seen trying to cross the road. They can talk on most episodes, but not on other ones. They belong to less-nosser beetles.
  • Tiny Ball is one of a large family of Bouncing Balls whose energetic bounces really make a big impression whenever they come to Toy Town. Tiny, though the smallest of all the Ball family, is also known to all the toys as the best bouncer in Toyland.
  • Noddy's car is the Toy Town taxi. It listens to Noddy, and answers with a "parp! parp!" Though Car, as Noddy calls him, generally needs a driver, at times he can move on his own, especially when Noddy needs help.

Television airing


Country / Region Channel
 United Kingdom Five (English)
S4C (Welsh) (Former)
 United States PBS Kids (Former) (Returning in 2012 - present)
PBS Kids Sprout (Former)
 Philippines Playhouse Disney Asia
Q 11
 Brazil Discovery Kids Brazil
 India Cartoon Network
 Japan Olcre
 Portugal RTP1
Canal Panda
 France TF1, Disney Junior (France) (Coming Soon)
 Netherlands Nick Jr. Netherlands (Nickelodeon Netherlands)
 Spain Playhouse Disney
 Poland TVP1
 Germany Nick Jr. Germany (Nickelodeon Germany)
 Italy Disney Junior (Italy)
 Australia Nick Jr. (Australia)
Nine Network
 Ireland RTE Two
 Malaysia Astro Ria
 Taiwan PTS

Notable episodes

  • Noddy and the New Taxi - Noddy's car acts in a strange way as the Goblins put a silly spell on it.
  • Noddy Builds a Rocket Ship - Noddy and Master Tubby Bear build a rocketship.
  • Catch a Falling Star - A star named Twinkly falls from the sky.
  • Hold On to Your Hat, Noddy! - Noddy and Tessie Bear take to the air on a very windy day.
  • Master Tubby's Opposite Day - Master Tubby Bear says everything he says the opposite.
  • The Goblin's Stopwatch - The Goblins use a stopwatch to make people freeze in their tracks.
  • The Magic Powder - The Goblins make a special powder making the toys dance in a strange way.
  • A Bike for Big Ears - Big Ears has a new bike with a box on the back making it go faster.
  • The Out-of-Control Tower - The Toy Town tower goes up to the air after Mr Sparks breaks the controller.
  • Clockwork Mouse's Wish - Clockwork Mouse uses Mr Jumbo's spell to make her bigger.
  • Noddy's House Of Cards - Noddy makes a house of cards but come apart after a slight trip.
  • Too Many Noddies - Noddy uses Big Ears' spell to make multiple Noddies.
  • Noddy and The Towering Flower - Noddy and Master Tubby Bear enter a flower competition but are disqualified.
  • Noddy's Perfect Gift - Noddy makes a perfect gift for friend Tessie Bear.
  • Noddy and The Magic Bagpipes - Noddy borrows Big Ears' bagpipes, but they go out of control.
  • Noddy's Island Adventure - Noddy goes on an island adventure.
  • Dinah's Day Out - Dinah Doll and Tessie Bear go to the darkwoods to find unusual things.
  • No Nap for Noddy - Noddy drives around Toytown at night, but gets very tired.
  • Noddy and the Treasure Map - Noddy goes on a treasure adventure.
  • Shelf Help - Noddy builds a shelf.
  • The Big Fib - Noddy lies about the missing googleberries.
  • The Flower Thief - Noddy discovers that Bumpy Dog stole the flowers.
  • Miss Pink Cat's Country Adventure - Miss Pink Cat's shop runs out of milk.
  • The Big Sneeze - The Goblins put a spell on Mr Jumbo that makes him sneeze uncontrollably.


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