Prime Minister of Lithuania

Prime Minister of Lithuania

The Prime Minister of Lithuania is the head of the executive arm of Lithuania's government, and is chosen by the Lithuanian parliament, the Seimas. The modern office of Prime Minister was established in 1990, although the official title was "Chairperson of the Council of Ministers" until 25 November, 1992. The post was established during the turmoil surrounding the Soviet Union's collapse, and was organized by Sąjūdis, a multi-party coalition in favour of Lithuanian independence.

Historically, the title of Prime Minister was also used between 1918 and 1940. This was during the original Republic of Lithuania, which lasted from the collapse of the Russian Empire until the country's annexation by the Soviet Union.

Republic of Lithuania (1918-1940)

Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic (1940-1991)

Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars

*Mečislovas Gedvilas (25 August 1940 - 2 April 1946) (in exile in Russian SFSR from 1941 until 1944)

Chairmen of the Council of Ministers

*Mečislovas Gedvilas (2 April 1946 - 16 January 1956)
*Motejus Šumauskas (16 January 1956 - 14 April 1967)
*Juozas Maniušis (14 April 1967 - 16 January 1981)
*Ringaudas Songaila (16 January 1981 - 18 November 1985)
*Vytautas Sakalauskas (18 November 1985 - 17 March 1990)

Republic of Lithuania (1991-Present)

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