Jessan Hoan

Jessan Hoan
Tyger Tiger
Jessan Hoan.jpg
Tyger Tiger from Marvel Comics Presents (vol. 1) #10.
Art by John Buscema.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Uncanny X-Men #229 (May 1988)
Created by Chris Claremont
Marc Silvestri
In-story information
Full name Jessan Hoan
Supporting character of Wolverine

Tyger Tiger (Jessan Hoan) is a fictional character most often appearing in Wolverine stories in the Marvel Comics universe. She is a former banker turned crime lord.

Fictional character biography

Jessan Hoan was born in Singapore. She worked at her family's financial institution, the Hoan International Bank, when the Reavers robbed the bank. The Reavers kidnapped Jessan and killed several members of her family during the robbery. While Jessan was held prisoner at the Reavers' Australian base, the Reaver named Pretty Boy tried to alter Jessan's mind so that she would join their criminal band as a financial expert. The X-Men interrupted the process, freed Jessan, and defeated the Reavers. The supernatural being Roma subsequently teleported Jessan back to her family's bank.[1]

Jessan was ostracized by her family because she mysteriously survived the attack that killed several of her relatives. In addition, Jessan found that she had lost some of her inhibitions as a result of the partial brainwashing by Pretty Boy. However, she still retained most of her moral integrity and did not become entirely evil.[2]

Jessan later discovered that the Reavers had been hired to attack Hoan International bank by Roche, the crime lord of Madripoor. She moved to the island of Madripoor, where she became embroiled with the criminal element and adopted the alias "Tyger Tiger", after the William Blake poem "The Tyger".[2] Wolverine later joined Jessan's efforts against Roche. Jessan decapitated Roche after he shot Wolverine.[3]

As Tyger Tiger, Jessan became the new crime lord of Madripoor, but she refuses to deal in either drugs or slavery. She briefly wore a highly resistant suit of armor, a duplicate of the armor used by the X-Man Psylocke.[4]

Wolverine allows Tyger Tiger to operate, but decides to act as an ethical check on her enterprises.[volume & issue needed] Later, when Tony Stark manages to overthrow Madame Hydra's government of the region, control is given to Tyger Tiger, now turned into a Robin Hood-esque figure, on the grounds that she is one of only two people the natives of Madripoor would follow in a revolution (the other being "Patch") and that she is a capable independent leader who will work for Madripoor without being another's puppet.[volume & issue needed]

Tyger Tiger loses control of Madripoor after being used and manipulated by Wolverine's son Daken. Her entire team has been killed and now works for Daken. She vows to take Madripoor back from him as well as his life.

Powers and abilities

Jessan Hoan's partial mental reprogramming granted her a high degree of martial art skill. She is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, and proficient at using fire-arms and hand-held weapons.


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