Derker railway station

Derker railway station
Manchester metrolink logo.PNG Derker
Manchester Metrolink
Derker railway station.jpg
Place Derker
Local authority Metropolitan Borough of Oldham
Platforms 2
Fare zone information
Metrolink Zone
Present status Under construction
Opening 1985
Closed 2009
Conversion to Metrolink operation Summer 2012

Transit map symbol.png Oldham and Rochdale Line

Unknown BSicon "uexKBHFa"
Rochdale Town Centre
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Rochdale Railway Station National Rail
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Kingsway Business Park
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Shaw and Crompton
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Oldham Mumps
Unused waterway turning from left Unused waterway with junction to right
Unknown BSicon "uexHST" Unknown BSicon "uexTUNNELa"
Oldham Central
Unknown BSicon "uexHST" Unused urban tunnel straight track
Oldham King Street
Unknown BSicon "uexHST" Unknown BSicon "uexTUNNELe"
Unused waterway turning left Unknown BSicon "uexABZlg"
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
South Chadderton
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Newton Heath and Moston
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Central Park
Unknown BSicon "uexHST"
Unused straight waterway + Urban head station
Manchester Victoria National Rail
Unknown BSicon "uCONTf"
to Piccadilly
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Derker railway station was a railway station in Derker, an area of Oldham in Greater Manchester, England. It was on the Oldham Loop Line, 13 km (8.1 mi) north east of Manchester Victoria and was managed by Northern Rail at the time of closure.

It was opened, initially on an experimental basis, on 30 August 1985[1] to replace Royton Junction station, ½ mile further along the line.

The station closed on 3 October 2009 for the conversion of the line to Metrolink and will re-open as Derker Metrolink station in the summer of 2012.


  1. ^ Alan Bevan, ed. A—Z of Rail Reopenings. Railway Development Society. Warwick: Warwick Printing Company. ISBN 0-901283-13-4. 

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The Oldham Loop Line
Stations (anticlockwise from Manchester)
(*) Closed 3 October 2009

Dean Lane (*)
Failsworth (*)
Hollinwood (*)
Oldham Werneth (*)
Oldham Mumps (*)
Derker (*)
Shaw and Crompton (*)
New Hey (*)
Milnrow (*)

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Oldham Mumps
towards Victoria
Oldham and Rochdale Line
Shaw and Crompton
towards Rochdale Town Centre
Historical railways
Royton Junction   Regional Railways
Oldham Loop Line
  Oldham Mumps

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