Falacrinae ( _la. Vicus Phalacrinae; _it. Falacrine) is a village of Ancient Rome that was the birthplace of the emperor Vespasian.


The location of Falacrinae has been the subject of debate. The village is described as lying just beyond Reate (modern Rieti), in the Sabine hill country northeast of Rome. According to local tradition before the 16th century, it was on the site of the castle of Alatri, between Greccio and Contigliano. However local historian Vittori believed that Falacrinae lay nearCittareale, in the province of Rieti. Latini found ruins in Collicelle, a "frazione" of Cittareale that he thought were Falacrinae. However in Amatrice it's believed that Falacrine lies in the "frazione" of Torrita, above the valley of the same name. Others have suggested that it lies in Antrodoco, Rieti or Paganico Sabino.


* [http://www.cittareale.it/varie/gensflavia.html Atti Del Congresso Internazionale Di Studi Vespasianei] (Italian language article on the location of Falacrina)

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