Luhansk Oblast

Luhansk Oblast

Infobox Ukrainian oblast
Name = Luhansk Oblast
UkrainianName = Луганська область
TransliteratedName = Luhans’ka oblast’


Administrative_center = Luhansk
DateEstablished = June 3, 1938
OfficialLang = Ukrainian
Nickname = Eastern gate of Ukraine [] [] , dawn of Ukraine [] [] [] , Luhanshchyna, Luhan'
GovernorName = Oleksandr Antipov
GovernorParty = ?
ChairmanName = Valeriy Mykolayovych Holenko
ChairmanParty = Party of Regions
CouncilSeats = ?
Raions = 18
CityRaions = 4
Cities = 37
CMTs = 109
Villages = 792
AreaRank =
TotalArea = 26,684
LandArea = ?
WaterArea = ?
PercentWater = ?
PopulationYear = 2006
Population_rank = 5
Population = 2,409,000
Density = 90,28
Population_Growth = ?
SalaryYear = ?
Salary_rank = ?
Salary = ?
Salary_Growth = ?
PostalAbbreviation = ?
PostalCodePrefix = List of postal codes#U-Z
ISOCode =
FIPSRegionCode =
PhoneCode = +380-64
LicencePlate = BB
Website =

Luhansk Oblast ( _uk. Луганська область, translit. "Luhans’ka oblast’", _ru. Луганская область, translit. "Luganskaya oblast"; also referred to as Luhanshchyna - _uk. Луганщина or locally as "Luhan'" (Лугань)) is the easternmost oblast (province) of Ukraine. Its administrative center is Luhansk.

Important cities within the oblast include: Alchevsk, Antratsyt, Bryanka, Kirovsk, Krasnyi Luch, Krasnodon, Lysychansk, Luhansk, Pervomaisk, Rovenky, Rubizhne, Sverdlovsk, Syeverodonetsk, Stakhanov.


The Luhansk Oblast is located in eastern Ukraine. The area of the oblast' (26,700 km²), comprises about 4.42% of the total area of the country.

Its longitude from north to south is 250 km, from east to west – 190 km. The oblast' borders the Belgorod and Voronezh Oblast's of Russia on the north, the Rostov Oblast of Russia on the east, the Rostov Oblast on the south, and the Kharkiv and Donetsk Oblast's on the west.

Administrative subdivisions

The following data incorporates the number of each type of administrative divisions of the Luhansk Oblast:
* Administrative Center - 1 (Luhansk)
* Raions — 18;
* City raions — 4;
* Settlements — 975, including:
** Villages — 787;
** Cities/Towns — 146, including:
*** Urban-type settlement — 109;
*** Cities — 37, including:
**** Cities of oblast' subordinance — 14;
**** Cities of raion subordinance — 23;
* Selsovets — 206.

The local administration of the oblast' is controlled by the Luhansk Oblast Rada. The governor of the oblast' is the Luhansk Oblast Rada speaker, appointed by the President of Ukraine.


The population is largely Russian-speaking although ethnic Ukrainians constitute a majority. More than 69% of the population consider themselves native Russian speakers.

Its population (as of 2004) is 2,461,506 million constitutes 5.13% of the overall Ukrainian population. The Luhansk Oblast rates fifth in Ukraine by the number of its inhabitants, having an average population density of 90.28 /km². About 87% of the population lives in urban areas, and the rest - 13%, reside in agricultural areas. According to the national census, 54.0% of the population are Ukrainians and 42% are Russians.


On April 25, 2006 the Oblast's council voted to recognize Russian as a co-official language in the territory of Luhansk Oblast. However, such a decision may have no legal effect according to Ukraine's legislation.


The oblast belongs to the historical region of Donbas as well as to Sloboda Ukraine ("Slobozhanshchina"). Between 1753 and 1764, a territory of Imperial Russia named Slavo-Serbia existed in this area with administrative seat in Slovianoserbsk.

Points of Interest

The following historic-cultural sites were nominated for the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.
* Dal's house (Luhansk)
* Fighters of the Revolution monument
* Derkul horse factory

External links

* [ Official site of Luhansk Oblast Administration] uk icon
* [ Information Card of the Region] - official site of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

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