Derby (UK Parliament constituency)

Derby (UK Parliament constituency)
Former Borough constituency
for the House of Commons
1295 (1295)–1950 (split) (1950 (split))
Number of members two

Derby is a former United Kingdom Parliamentary constituency. It was a constituency of the House of Commons of the Parliament of England then of the Parliament of Great Britain from 1707 to 1800 and of the Parliament of the United Kingdom from 1801 to 1950. It was represented by two Members of Parliament. It was divided between the single-member constituencies of Derby North and Derby South in 1950.



Derby regularly sent two representatives to Parliament from Edward I’s reign.

In 1950 the constituency was abolished and replaced by the two single-member constituencies of Derby North and Derby South.

Members of Parliament


Parliament First member Second member
1294 William de la Cornere Randalph Makeneye [1]
1297 William Bourne de Derby Nicklos de Lorimer[1]
1299 Nicklos de Lorimor Gervase de Derby[1]
1301 Gervase de Wilnye Adam le Rede[1]
1304 John de la Corne Richard Cardoyl[1]
1305 John de Chaddesdon Gervase de Wileyne[1]
1306 Hugh Alibon Peter la Chapman[1]
1307 John Chaddesdon Gervase de Wilney[1]
1310 Henry Alwaston Thomas de Stade[1]
1311 Thomas del Sted Henry Bindetton[1]
1312 Geffry de Leycestre Robert de Breydsale[1]
1313 John Fitz John Henry Lomb[1]
1314 Adam le Rede William de Aleby[1]
1314 William de Aleby Adam le Rede[1]
1318 Simon de Chester Richard Breddon[1]
1318 Alexander de Holand John de Weston[1]
1325 Henry le Carpenter John Fitz Richard[1]
1327 John Fitz Gilbert Ferhun Tutbury[1]
1328 Simon de Chester John Collings[1]
1328 Thomas Tulaxbar Geffry Snayth[1]
1330 Simon de Nottingham John de Weston[1]
1333 Hugh Allibon John Gibbonson[1]
1334 John Gibbonson  ? [1]
1335 Nicholas Langford John Fitz Thomas[1]
1336 Simon de Chester John Gibbonson[1]
1337 John Fitz William Thomas Tuttebury[1]
1338 William de Derby John Hache Robert Allibon[1]
1338 William de Derby Robert de Weston[1]
1338 Simon de Chester Robert Allibon[1]
1338 Henry del Howe Robert Saundry[1]
1339 Alexander Holland John Weston[1]
1339 John Gibbonson Thomas Preston[1]
1339 Thomas Tutbury Thomas Thurmondsley[1]
1341 Thomas de Tutbury Thomas Derby[1]
1341 Richard de Trowell Peter de Quarndon[1]
1342 Simon de Nottingham Thomas de Derby[1]
1344 William de Nottingham Simon de Chester[1]
1348 William de Chaddesdon Thomas de Tutbury[1]
1350 William Gilbert John de Chaddesdon[1]
1351 Thomas Tutbury William de Derby[1]
1354 William Chester Richard Chelford[1]
1355 Thomas Tutbury Henry Diddound[1]
1355 Edmund Toucher John Bech[1]
1356 William Ennington William Nayle[1]
1358 William de Chester William Nayle[1]
1361 Peter Prentice William de Rossington[1]
1362 Peter Prentice William de Rossington[1]
1363 John Trowell John Weeke[1]
1364 John Bradon Robert Allibon[1]
1365 William Chester John Gilbert[1]
1366 John Berd William Sese[1]
1369 John de Brakkerley William Glasyere[1]
1370 John Preest John de Brakkerley[1]
1372 John Trowell  ?[1]
1373 William Chester John Gilbert[1]
1374 William Pakeman Roger Allibon[1]
1377 William Groos John de Berdee[1]
1378 John de Haye Richard de Trowell[1]
1378 Henry Flanstead Roger Allibon[1]
1379 Richard Dell Roger Ashe[1]
1382 Thomas Toppeleyse John Haye[1]
1383 William Pakeman John Bowyer[1]
1383 Richard de Trowell John Gibbon[1]
1384 Richard Sherman John de Stockes[1]
1385 Richard Trowell John Dell[1]
1386 John Stokkes John Prentice I[2]
1388 (Feb) William Pakeman Thomas Tappely [2]
1388 (Sep) William Pakeman Hugh Adam [2]
1390 (Jan) John Stokkes John Hay [2]
1390 (Nov)
1391 Richard Sherman Thomas Docking [2]
1393 John Stokkes Richard Trowell [2]
1395 John Stokkes William Groos [2]
1397 (Jan) William Groos Thomas Shore [2]
1397 (Sep) William Groos Thomas Shore [2]
1399 John Stokkes Thomas Docking [2]
1402 Elias Stokkes Richard Trowell [2]
1404 (Jan)
1404 (Oct) John Prentice II John Stokkes [2]
1406 Thomas Goldsmith John Fairclough [2]
1411 John Brasier Thomas Shore [2]
1413 (Feb)
1413 (May) Elias Stokkes [2]
1414 (Apr) John Prentice II Robert Bolton [2]
1414 (Nov) Elias Stokkes Thomas Ridgeway [2]
1416 (Mar) Elias Stokkes Roger Wolley [2]
1416 (Oct)
1417 Robert Ireland Thomas Steppingstones [2]
1419 John Sparham Ralph Shore [2]
1420 Richard Brown Robert Smith [2]
1421 (May) Ralph Shore Thomas Stokkes [2]
1421 (Dec) Ralph Shore John Spicer [2]
1422 John Stokes John Barker[1]
1423 John de Both Elias Dell[1]
1424 John Stokes Elias Dell[1]
1425 Roger Wolley Henry Crabbe[1]
1427 Nicholas Meysham John de Stokkys[1]
1429 John de Bath Elias Stokkys[1]
1430 Thomas Stokkes Robert Smith[1]
1432 John Booth Robert Sutton[1]
1434 John Bothe Thomas Stokeys[1]
1436 Thomas Stokks Elias Tildesley[1]
1441 Thomas Stokkys Henry Spicer[1]
1446 Thomas Chatley Robert Mundy[1]
1448 Thomas Chatterley John Spicer[1]
1449 Richard Chitterley Thomas Chitterley[1]
1450 Thomas Acard Thomas Bradshawe[1]
1454 John Bird Edward Lovel[1]
1459 John Bird William Hunter[1]
1468 Thomas Bakynton Thomas Allestre[1]
1473 John Newton Roger Wilkinson[1]
1478 John Briddle John Newton[1]
1510-1523 No names known[3]
1529 Thomas Ward Henry Ainsworth [3]
1536 ?
1539 ?
1542 Thomas Sutton William Allestry [3]
1545 Thomas Sutton William Allestry [3]
1547 Thomas Sutton Robert Ragg [3]
1553 (Mar) Robert Ragg William Allestry [3]
1553 (Oct) Thomas Sutton George Cherneley [3]
1554 (Apr) William Allestry George Stringer [3]
1554 (Nov) William More William Bainbridge [3]
1555 Richard Ward William Allestry [3]
1558 James Thatcher William Bainbridge [3]
1558/9 Richard Doughty William Bainbridge[4]
1562/3 William More William Bainbridge [4]
1571 Robert Stringer William Bainbridge [4]
1572 Robert Stringer Tristram Tyrwhitt, expelled
and repl. 1576 by
Robert Bainbridge [4]
1584 Sir Henry Beaumont William Botham [4]
1586 (Sep) William Botham Robert Bainbridge [4]
1588/9 Richard Fletcher William Botham [4]
1593 Robert Stringer William Botham [4]
1597 Henry Duport Robert Stringer [4]
1601 (Oct) Peter Eure John Baxter [4]
1604–1611 John Baxter Edward Sleighe
1614 Gilbert Kniveton
1621–1622 Timothy Leeving Edward Leeche
1624 Timothy Leeving Edward Leeche
1625 Timothy Leeving Edward Leeche
1626 Sir Henry Crofts John Thoroughgood
1628-1629 Philip Mainwaring Timothy Leeving
1629–1640 No Parliaments summoned


Year First member First party Second member Second party
November 1640 William Allestry Royalist Nathaniel Hallowes Parliamentarian
October 1643 Allestry disabled to sit - seat vacant
1645 Thomas Gell
December 1648 Gell excluded in Pride's Purge - seat vacant
1653 Derby was unrepresented in the Barebones Parliament
1654 Gervase Bennet Derby had only one seat in the First and
Second Parliaments of the Protectorate
January 1659 John Dalton
May 1659 Nathaniel Hallowes One seat vacant
April 1660 Roger Allestry John Dalton
1665 Anchitell Grey
1679 George Vernon
1685 William Allestry John Coke
1689 Anchitell Grey
1690 Robert Wilmot
1695 Lord Henry Cavendish John Bagnold
1698 George Vernon
1701 Lord James Cavendish Sir Charles Pye
1701 John Harpur
1702 Thomas Stanhope
1705 Lord James Cavendish Sir Thomas Parker Whig
1710 Richard Pye
1710 Sir Richard Levinge John Harpur
1711 Edward Mundy
1713 Nathaniel Curzon
1715 Lord James Cavendish William Stanhope Whig
1722 Thomas Bayley
1727 William Stanhope Whig
1730 Charles Stanhope
1736 John Stanhope
1742 Viscount Duncannon
1748 Thomas Rivett
1754 Lord Frederick Cavendish George Venables-Vernon
1762 William Fitzherbert
1772 Wenman Coke
1775 John Gisborne
1776 Daniel Parker Coke
1780 Lord George Cavendish Edward Coke
1797 George Walpole
1806 William Cavendish
1807 Thomas Coke
1807 Edward Coke
1812 Henry Frederick Compton Cavendish Whig
1818 Thomas Wenman Coke
1826 Samuel Crompton
1830 Edward Strutt Whig
1835 John Ponsonby Whig
1847[5] Hon. Frederick Leveson-Gower Whig
1848 Michael Thomas Bass Whig Laurence Heyworth Whig
1852 Thomas Berry Horsfall [6] Conservative
1853 Laurence Heyworth Whig
1857 Liberal Samuel Beale Liberal
1865 William Thomas Cox Conservative
1868 Samuel Plimsoll Liberal
1880 Sir William Vernon-Harcourt Liberal
1883 Thomas Roe Liberal
1895 Sir Henry Howe Bemrose Conservative Geoffrey Drage Conservative
1900 Sir Thomas Roe Liberal Richard Bell Labour
1904 Liberal
1910 James Henry Thomas Labour
1916 Sir William Job Collins Liberal
1918 Albert Green Conservative
1922 Charles Henry Roberts Liberal
1923 William Robert Raynes Labour
1924 Sir Richard Harman Luce Conservative
1929 William Robert Raynes Labour
1931 William Allan Reid Conservative National Labour
1936 Philip Noel-Baker Labour
1945 Clifford Wilcock Labour
1950 Constituency split into North and South divisions
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