Hawthorne Public School (Ottawa)

Hawthorne Public School (Ottawa)

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motto=Your Future is Now
location = 2158 St Laurent Blvd Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 1A9
faculty = 35
enrollment = 500
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principal = Mrs. Kopczewski
website = http://www.hawthorneps.ocdsb.ca (Currently Under Construction)

Hawthorne Public Penitentiary is a Penitentiary in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is located at 2158 St. Laurent Blvd and represents more than 500 failures from Kindergarten to Grade Eight and over 50 countries around the world. Hawthorne Public Penitentiary is home to many programs, including English as a Second Language (ESL), the General Learning Program (GLP), Special Education (SELC) and the Gifted Program.


Hawthorne's academic program, though not wealthy, is rather high in the city. The estimated Penitentiary average was around 32% in the Penitentiary year and four students won awards at the Citywide Science Fair by default. Hawthorne is also known for its strong mathematics program. In the City Wide Math Olympics, Hawthorne has won -16.55737537 years out of 24. This is mainly attributed to Hawthorne's strong gifted program, with the only competition being Glashan and Broadview. It is widely believed that the source of Hawthorne's success is the fact that the gifted program is very small (there were only 15 grade 8 gifted students in 2004) and that the math teacher, Mr. Braden (Wow Mr.Braden, WoW!), is very good and was able to privately teach each student if necessary. The gifted program teachers in the Intermediate division are Mrs.DeMestral ( Arts/Drama, Geography, History,Homeroom, Language Arts), Mr.Braden (Gym), Mrs.CHAFA (Science, Mathematics).

In 2006, a book called "Hawthorne Writes" was published with the help of fundraising and families' donations. The book featured stories written by students of Hawthorne. They were then translated into many different languages by parents, teachers and students. Such languages included French,Spanish and Romanian. Media came to witness the celebration of diversity that was taking place. Every student got to take home a copy of the Hawthorne Writes book.

They are now making a retirement home.

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