L'Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science

L'Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science

, by its Director-General.citeweb
date = March 2, 2007
title = Five outstanding women scientists receive L'Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science 2007
url = http://portal.unesco.org/science/en/ev.php-URL_ID=5212&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html|
] ]

The L'Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science aims to improve the position of women in science by recognizing outstanding women researchers who have contributed to scientific progress. The awards are a result of a partnership between the French cosmetics company L'Oréal and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and carry a grant of $100,000 USD for each laureate.

Each year an international jury alternates between life and material sciences and selects a winner from each of the following regions:

* Africa and the Middle East.
* Asia-Pacific
* Europe
* Latin America and the Caribbean
* North America (since 2000)

The same partnership awards the UNESCO-L'Oréal International Fellowships, providing up to $40,000 USD in funding over two years to fifteen young women scientists engaged in exemplary and promising research projects.


1998 Laureates:
* Grance Aladunni L. Taylor (Nigeria): Biochemistry
* Myeong Hee-Yu (South Korea): Microbiology
* Pascale Cossart (France): Bacteriology
* Gloria Montenegro (Chile): Botany

2000 Laureates:
* Valerie Mizrahi (South Africa): Molecular biology
* Tuneko Okasaki (Japan): Molecular biology
* Margarita Salas (Spain): Molecular biology
* Eugenia María del Pino Veintimilla (Ecuador): Molecular biology
* Joanne Chory (USA): Molecular biology

2001 Laureates:
* Adeyinka Gladys Falusi (Nigeria): Molecular genetics
* Suzanne Cory (Australia): Molecular genetics
* Anne McLaren (United Kingdom): Reproductive biology
* Mayana Zatz (Brazil): Molecular biology
* Joan Argetsinger Steitz (USA): Molecular biophysics and biochemistry

2002 Laureates:
* Nagwa Meguid (Egypt): Genetics applied to the prevention of mental diseases
* Indira Nath (India): The treatment of leprosy
* Mary Osborn (Germany): Methods for the observation of cell structures
* Ana María López Colomé (Mexico): Prevention of blindness.
* Shirley Tilghman (Canada, USA): Gene expression and parental origin of chromosomes

2003 Laureates :
* Karimat El-Sayed (Egypt): Physics
* Fang-hua Li (China): Electron microscopy
* Ayse Erzan (Turkey): Condensed matter physics
* Mariana Weissmann (Argentina): Computational condensed matter physics
* Johanna M.H. Levelt Sengers (USA): Thermodynamics

2004 Laureates:
* Jennifer Thomson (South Africa): "For work on transgenic plants resistant to drought and to viral infections, in an effort to respond to the continent's chronic food shortage."
* Lúcia Mendonça Previato (Brazil): "For studies which enable progress in the understanding, treatment and prevention of the Chagas disease."
* Philippa Marrack (United States) "For the characterization of lymphocyte T functions in the immune system and the discovery of superantigens.
* Nancy Ip (China): "For discoveries concerning proteins which favour the growth and preservation of neurons in brain development."
* Christine Petit (France): "For research on the molecular and cellular bases of human hereditary deafness and other sensorial deficiencies."

2005 Laureates:
* Zohra ben Lakhdar (Tunisia): "For experiments and models in infrared spectroscopy and its applications to pollution, detection and medicine."
* Fumiko Yonezawa (Japan): "Fir pioneering theory and computer simulations on amorphous semiconductors and liquid metals."
* Dominique Langevin (France): "For fundamental investigations on detergents, emulsions and foams."
* Belita Koiller (Brazil): "For innovative research on electrons in disordered matter such as glass."
* Myriam P. Sharachik (USA): "For important experiments on electrical conduction and transitions between metals and insulators."

2006 Laureates:
* Habiba Bouhamed Chaabouni (Tunisia): "For her contribution to the analysis and prevention of hereditary disorders."
* Jennifer Graves (Australia): "For studies on the evolution of mammalian genomes."
* Christine van Broeckhoven (Belgium): "For the genetic investigation of Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases."
* Esther Orozco (Mexico): "For the discovery of the mechanisms and control of infections by amoebas in the tropics."
* Pamela Bjorkman (USA): "For the discovery of how the immune system recognizes targets."

2007 Laureates:
* Ameenah Gurib-Fakim (Mauritius): "For her exploration and analysis of plants from Mauritius and their bio-medical applications."
* Ligia Gargallo (Chile): "For her contributions to understanding solution properties of polymers."
* Mildred Dresselhaus (USA): "For her research on solid state materials, including conceptualizing the creation of carbon nanotubes."
* Margaret Brimble (New Zealand): "For her contribution to the synthesis of complex natural products, especially shellfish toxins."
* Tatiana Birshtein (Russia): "For her contribution to the understanding of the shapes, sizes and motions of large molecules."

2008 Laureates: [citeweb|author=Unesco|title=Tenth anniversary of the L’ORÉAL-UNESCO Awards For Women in Science| url=http://portal.unesco.org/en/ev.php-URL_ID=41944&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html|accessdate=2008-05-30|]
* Lihadh Al-Gazali (United Arab Emirates): "For her contributions to the characterization of inherited disorders."
* V. Narry Kim (South Korea): "For elucidating the formation of a new class of RNA molecules involved in gene regulation"
* Ada Yonath (Israel): "For her structural studies of the protein biosynthesis system and its disruption by antibiotics."
* Ana Belén Elgoyhen (Argentina): "For her contributions to the understanding of the molecular basis of hearing (sense)."
* Elizabeth Blackburn (United States): "For the discovery of the nature and maintenance of chromosome ends and their roles in cancer and aging."

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* Kevin Friedl, " [http://www.seedmagazine.com/news/2006/03/for_women_in_science.php?page=all&p=y For Women in Science] ", "Seed Magazine", March 8, 2006
* [http://portal.unesco.org/science/en/ev.php-URL_ID=3597&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html UNESCO: Women and Science]


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* [http://www.forwomeninscience.com/ For Women in Science] . L'Oréal Official Page of the Awards.

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