Infanta Amelia Philippina of Spain

Infanta Amelia Philippina of Spain

Infanta Amalia Philippina of Spain ( _es. Amalia Felipina del Pilar Blasa Bonisa Vita Rita Lutgard Romana Judas Tadea Alberta Josefa Ana Joaquina Los Doce Apostolicos Bonifacia Domenica Bibiana Veronica; 12 October 1834-27 August 1905) was a member of the Spanish royal house.


She was born in Madrid as the eleventh child and sixth daughter of Infante Francisco de Paula of Spain, younger brother of King Fernando VII of Spain, and wife, Princess Luisa Carlotta of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. Infanta Amelia Philippina's mother was the niece of her father since her maternal grandmother, Infanta Maria Isabella of Spain, was the elder sister of Infanta Amelia Philippina's father.


In Madrid on 25 August 1856 she married Prince Adalbert of Bavaria, fourth son and ninth child of King Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. They had five children :

* Ludwig Ferdinand (1859-1949); married Infanta María de la Paz of Spain
* Alfons (1862-1933); married Princess Louise of Orleans, daughter of Ferdinand Philippe Marie, duc d'Alençon
* Isabella (1863-1924); married Thomas, 2nd Duke of Genoa
* Elvira (1868-1943); married Rudolf von Wrbna-Kaunitz-Rietberg-Questenberg and Freudenthal
* Clara (1874-1941); unmarried


She died in Nymphenburg Palace at the age of 70 is was interred at St. Michael's Church in Munich.


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1= 1. Amelia Philippina of Spain
2= 2. Infante Francisco de Paula of Spain
3= 3. Princess Luisa Carlotta of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
4= 4. Charles IV of Spain
5= 5. Maria Luisa of Parma
6= 6. Francis I of the Two Sicilies
7= 7. Maria Isabella of Spain
8= 8. Charles III of Spain
9= 9. Maria Amalia of Saxony
10= 10. Philip, Duke of Parma
11= 11. Louise-Élisabeth of France
12= 12. Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies
13= 13. Marie Caroline of Austria
14= 14. Charles IV of Spain (= 4)
15= 15. Maria Luisa of Parma (= 5)
16= 16. Philip V of Spain
17= 17. Elisabeth of Parma
18= 18. Augustus III of Poland
19= 19. Maria Josepha of Austria
20= 20. Philip V of Spain (= 16)
21= 21. Elisabeth of Parma (= 17)
22= 22. Louis XV of France
23= 23. Maria Leszczyńska
24= 24. Charles III of Spain (= 8)
25= 25. Maria Amalia of Saxony (= 9)
26= 26. Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor
27= 27. Maria Theresa of Austria
28= 28. Charles III of Spain (= 8)
29= 29. Maria Amalia of Saxony (= 9)
30= 30. Philip, Duke of Parma (= 10)
31= 31. Louise-Élisabeth of France (= 11)


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