Ukrainian Chess Championship

Ukrainian Chess Championship

This is a list of all the winners of the Ukrainian Chess Championship, including those held when Ukraine was a Soviet republic and those held after Ukraine became independent. Players' names listed in parentheses indicate that the player won the tournament but did not receive the title since he was an outside competitor. The title went instead to the top-scoring Ukrainian.



*Golubev, Mikhail. [ Winners of Soviet and Independent Ukraine Championships.]
* [ RUSBASE (part V) 1919-1937,1991-1994]
* [ RUSBASE (part IV) 1938-1960]
* [ RUSBASE (part III), 1961-1969,1985-1990]
* [ RUSBASE (part II) 1970-1984]
* [ Campionati nazionali dell'Ukraina.]
last=Boytsun | first=Olena | author-link=Olena Boytsun
title=Alexander Areshchenko wins the Ukraine Championship
publisher=Chessbase News

* [ 2007 edition]
* [ Chessbase report on the 2007 edition]

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