Nautilus (genus)

Nautilus (genus)
Temporal range: Late Eocene–Recent
A live Nautilus pompilius in an aquarium
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Cephalopoda
Order: Nautilida
Family: Nautilidae
Genus: Nautilus
Linnaeus, 1758

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  • Nautarius Dumeril, 1806
  • Nautilus Schneider, 1784 (never published; rejected generic name)

Nautilus is a genus of cephalopods in the family Nautilidae. Species in this genus differ significantly in terms of morphology from those placed in the sister taxon Allonautilus.[1] The oldest fossils of the genus are known from the Late Eocene Hoko River Formation, in Washington State and from Late-Eocene to Early Oligocene sediments in Kazakhstan.[2] The oldest fossils of the modern species Nautilus pompilius are from Early Pleistocene sediments off the coast of Luzon in the Philippines.[2]

The common term nautilus usually refers to any extant members of the Nautilidae family.


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