60th Air Mobility Wing

60th Air Mobility Wing

Infobox Military Unit
unit_name= 60th Air Mobility Wing

dates= 1 December 1940 - Present
country= United States
branch=United States Air Force
type= Airlift & Aerial Refueling
size= 5,800 airmen
command_structure= Air Mobility Command
current_commander=Colonel [http://public.travis.amc.af.mil/library/biographies/bio.asp?id=11309 Mark Dillon]
garrison= Travis Air Force Base
nickname= "Americas First Choice"
motto= "Termini Non Existent"
notable_commanders= William J. Begert
James A. Hill

The 60th Air Mobility Wing (60 AMW) is the host unit at Travis Air Force Base in California. It is the largest air mobility organization in the United States Air Force and is responsible for strategic airlift and aerial refueling missions around the world. Wing activity is primarily focused in the Pacific and Indian Ocean area, including Alaska and Antarctica.


Provide rapid, reliable airlift of American fighting forces anywhere on earth in support of national objectives and to extend the reach of American and allied air power through mid-air refueling.


World War II

The 60th spearheaded the airborne invasion of North Africa in World War II, flying paratroopers from England to Oran, Algeria, on 7 November 1942. The group operated from bases in Algeria, Tunisia, Sicily, and Italy until after V-E Day. Participated in the Battle for Tunisia, dropping paratroopers near combat areas. In June 1943 it took special glider training; then, in July, towed gliders to Syracuse and dropped paratroops behind enemy lines at Catania during Allied invasion of Sicily. It flew to northern Italy in October 1943, dropping supplies to escapees from enemy POW camps. The 60th dropped paratroops at Megava in the airborne invasion of Greece, October 1944. It received a Distinguished Unit Citation for supporting partisans in the Balkans, March-September 1944, making unarmed night missions to provisional airfields in Yugoslavia, Albania, and Greece. On return flights the group evacuated wounded partisans and escaped Allied personnel.

Cold War

When the wing activated in July 1948, its tactical units were detached, supporting the Berlin Airlift from other bases. The wing operated under control of the provisional airlift task force from 29 July 1948 but was not directly involved in airlift operations until it moved to RAF Fassberg, Germany in January 1949. From 20 January to 26 September 1949, the wing flew Berlin airlift missions, primarily with C-54s. The wing then moved to Wiesbaden, Germany replacing the 7150th Air Force Composite Wing. Without a tactical mission until June 1951, the wing operated a variety of aircraft in support of USAFE and other units. Upon moving to Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany, in June 1951 (where it replaced the 61st Troop Carrier Wing), the 60th resumed a tactical role. Operating from Rhein-Main Air Base until October 1955, the 60th provided airlift for troops and cargo throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. It also provided training to the 433d Troop Carrier Wing, August 1951-July 1952, and the 312th Troop Carrier Wing, July 1952-March 1953. The wing moved to France in 1955 with no change in the basic airlift mission and continued operations from that area until inactivated in 1958.

The 60th replaced the 1501st Air Transport Wing, Heavy, at Travis Air Force Base, California, on 6 January 1966. It flew global airlift and humanitarian missions from that time, initially with C-124, C-130, C-133, and C-141 aircraft. THe wing lost its C-130s in 1966, C-124s in 1967,and C-133s in 1971, but gained first operational C-5s in October 1970. Airlift of cargo and troops to Southeast Asia was a major responsibility of the wing, 1966-1975, but missions flown worldwide as required. In November 1966, a C-141 of the 60th Wing became the first jet to land on the Antarctic continent. The 60th also played a major role in the airlift of repatriated prisoners of war to the United States after the Vietnamese ceasefire agreement in 1973, and in the airlift of Vietnamese children and other refugees to the United States in 1975. After the war in Southeast Asia, the 60th continued to support worldwide airlift commitments, including scheduled and contingency logistics operations, humanitarian relief and evacuation efforts, and international scientific research programs. It provided logistic support to the President of the United States during state visits to foreign nations and conducted airlift missions annually in the Antarctic, including the first C-5 ice cap landing. The wing exchanged its C-141A aircraft for "stretched" C-141B version in 1980-1982; transferred re-winged C-5A aircraft to Air Force Reserve and replaced them with more capable C-5B, 1986-1989. THe wing performed combat airlift and logistic support missions during the rescue of US nationals on Grenada in October 1983 and the restoration of democracy in Panama, December 1989-January 1990.

Post-Cold War

Beginning in August 1990, the wing provided airlift and logistic support to US and coalition forces in Southwest Asia, while continuing to perform worldwide airlift operations, including humanitarian missions to nations to Latin America and the former Soviet Union. In 1992-1993, commenced airlift in support of U.S. relief operations in Somalia during Operations PROVIDE RELIEF and RESTORE HOPE. It continued to support on-going operations in Southwest Asia during Operation SOUTHERN WATCH. The wing's elements also supported Operation PROVIDE COMFORT for Kurdish refugees, supported the evacuation of military personnel and their dependents from the Philippines through Operation FIERY VIGIL in 1991, and provided airlift support to Balkans peacekeeping missions beginning in 1995 with Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR, and continuing under Operations JOINT GUARD and JOINT FORGE. It deployed tanker and support elements to the European theater during Operation ALLIED FORCE from March-June 1999, as well as providing airlift support to other air expeditionary forces deploying to the operation.After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the 60th began airlift and refueling operations in support of Operations NOBEL EAGLE and ENDURING FREEDOM. In March 2003, the United States as part of the Global War on Terrorism, initiated Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

One August 8, 2006, the 60th received its first C-17 Globemaster III aircraft "The Spirit of Solano". The next day, that aircraft was made operational and flew its first mission. The wing won top honors as the best Air Mobility Wing during the 2007 Air Mobility Rodeo.


*World War II
*Operation Deep Freeze
*Operation Urgent Fury
*Operation Just Cause
*Operation Provide Relief
*Operation Restore Hope
*Operation Southern Watch
*Operation Provide Comfort
*Operation Support Hope
*Operation Fiery Vigil
*Operation Joint Endeavor
*Operation Joint Guardian
*Operation Joint Forge
*Operation Allied Force
*Operation Noble Eagle
*Operation Enduring Freedom
*Operation Iraqi Freedom

Previous designations

*60th Transport Group (Activated)(1 December 1940 – 7 July 1942)
*60th Troop Carrier Group (7 July 1942 – 31 July 1945)
*Group inactivated (31 July 1945)
*60th Troop Carrier Group, Medium (1 July 1948 - 5 November 1948)
*60th Troop Carrier Group, Heavy (5 November 1948 – 16 November 1949)
*60th Troop Carrier Group, Medium (16 November 1949 - 12 March 1957)
*Group Inactivated 12 March 1957
*Re-activated 60th Military Airlift Group (6 March 1978 - 15 February 1979)
*Group Inactivated 15 February 1979
*Re-activated 60th Operations Group (1 November 1991)
*60th Troop Carrier Wing, Medium (Activated) (1 July 1948 - 5 November 1948)
*60th Troop Carrier Wing, Heavy (5 November 1948 - 16 November 1949)
*60th Troop Carrier Wing, Medium (16 November 1949 - 25 September 1958)
*Unit inactivated 25 September 1958
*60th Military Airlift Wing (27 Deccember 1965 – 1 November 1991)
*60th Airlift Wing (1 November 1991 – 1 October 1994)
*60th Air Mobility Wing (1 October 1994 – Present)


Major command

*Military Air Transport Service (1945)
*United States Air Forces in Europe (1948 – 1958)
*Military Airlift Command (1965 – 1992)
*Air Mobility Command (1992 – Present)

Numbered Air Force

*8th Air Force (1942)
*12th Air Force (1942-1948)
*22d Air Force (1965-1993)
*15th Air Force (1993-2003)
*18th Air Force (2003-Present)

ubordinate organizations

60th Operations Group (60 OG)
*6th Air Refueling Squadron (6 ARS)
*9th Air Refueling Squadron (9 ARS)
*21st Airlift Squadron (21 AS)
*22d Airlift Squadron (22 AS)
*60th Operations Support Squadron (60 OSS)

60th Maintenance Group (60 MXG)
*60th Component Maintenance Squadron (60 CMS)
*60th Equipment Maintenance Squadron (60 EMS)
*60th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (60 AMXS)
*60th Maintenance Operations Squadron (60 MOS)
*660th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (660 AMXS)
*860th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (860 AMXS)

60th Mission Support Group (60 MSG)
*60th Contracting Squadron (60 CONS)
*60th Security Forces Squadron (60 SFS)
*60th Services Squadron (60 SVS)
*60th Aerial Port Squadron (60 APS)
*60th Logistics Readiness Squadron (60 LRS)
*60th Mission Support Squadron (60 MSS)
*60th Communications Squadron (60 CS)
*60th Civil Engineering Squadron (60 CES)60th Medical Group (60 MDG)
*60th Aerospace Medical Squadron (60 AMDS)
*60th Dental Squadron (60 DS)
*60th Inpatient Operations Squadron (60 IPTS)
*60th Medical Operations Squadron (60 MDOS)
*60th Medical Support Squadron (60 MDOS)
*60th Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics Squadron (60 MDTS)
*60th Medical Surgical Operations Squadron (60 MSGS)

Additionally, the 60th Comptroller Squadron (60 CPTS) reports directly to the wing staff.

Bases stationed

*Olmsted Field, Pennsylvania (1940 – 1941)
*Westover Field, Massachusetts (1941 – 1942)
*RAF Chelveston, England (1942)
*RAF Aldermaston, England (1942)
*Algeria (1942 – 1943)
*El Djem, Tunisia (1943)
*Sicily (1943 – 1944)
*Naples, Italy (1944 – 1945)
*Waller Field, Trinidad (1945 – 1946)
*Munich Air Base, Germany (1946 – 1948)
*Kaufbeuren Air Base, Germany (1948 – 1949)
*Faßberg RAF Station, Germany (1949)
*Wiesbaden Air Base, Germany (1949 – 1951)
*Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany (1951-1955)
*Dreux-Louvillier Air Base, France (1955 – 1958)
*Travis Air Force Base, California (1966 – Present)

Aircraft operated

*C-52 (1941 – 1942)
*C-47 Skytrain (1942 – 1955, 1968 – 1969)
*C-53 (1940 – 1945)
*C-54 Skymaster (1948 – 1952, 1966 – 1969)
*C-82 Packet (1949 – 1953)
*C-119 Flying Boxcar (1951, 1953 – 1958)
*C-123 Provider (1956 – 1958)
*C-45 Expeditor (1948)
*C-74 Globemaster (1948)
*B-17 Flying Fortress (1949 – 1951)
*B-26 Marauder (1949 – 1951)
*L-5 Sentinel (1949 – 1951)
*C-124 Globemaster II (1966 – 1967)
*C-130 Hercules (1966)
*C-133 Cargomaster (1966 – 1971)
*C-141 Starlifter (1966 – 1997)
*T-29 (1966 – 1973)
*U-3 Blue Canoe (1966 – 1968)
*C-131 Samaritan (1969 – 1975)
*T-39 Sabreliner (1969 – 1975)
*WC-135 Constant Phoenix (1993)
*C-5 Galaxy (1970 – Present)
*KC-10 Extender (1994 – Present)
*C-17 Globemaster III (2006 – Present)

Unit shields


External links

* [http://public.travis.amc.af.mil/units/ Travis AFB public site]

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