Juliana, Julianna or Yuliana is a female name. It is a feminized version of Julius as in Julius Caesar (or Julus). It can also refer to:

;Medieval women
*St. Juliana of Nicomedia, Christian martyr during the Diocletian persecution in 304
*St. Juliana of Liège (1193 – April 5, 1252), nun and visionary from Retinnes in Fléron in the Bishopric of Liège, now in Belgium
*St. Juliana Falconieri (1270 – June 12, 1341), Italian foundress of the Servite Third Order
*Julian of Norwich (c. November 8, 1342 – c. 1416), one of the greatest English mystics
*Juliana Holszanska (1375 – 1448), third wife of Vytautas the Great, Grand Duke of Lithuania
*Sts. Juliana and Semproniana are martyrs associated with the legend of Saint Cucuphas
*Julianna (Uliana) of Tver, (1325 – 1392), a daughter of Grand Prince Alexander of Tver who became a nun under the name Marina

;Modern women
*Juliana of the Netherlands (April 30, 1909 – March 20, 2004), queen regnant of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
*Juliana Felisberta (born July 22, 1983), Brazilian beach volleyball player
*Juliana Furtado (born April 4, 1967), American mountain biker
*Juliana Hatfield (born July 27, 1967), actor and guitarist/songwriter
*Juliana Kanyomozi (born November 27, 1981), Ugandan RnB musician
*Juliana Veloso (born 1980), Brazilian diver
*Julianna Margulies (b 1966), American actress
*Julianna Rose Mauriello (b 1991), American actress
*Julianna Young, American nude model
*Julianna McCarthy (b 1929), American actress
*Julianna Cox, fictional chief medical examiner in the TV show Homicide: Life on the Street
*Julianna Smoot, professional fundraiser for the Democratic Party
*Julianna Guill, (b 1987), American actress
*Julianna Naoupu, (b 1990), New Zealand netball player
*Julianna Tudja (b 1979), Hungarian hammer thrower

*Lady Juliana (ship), a convict ship dispatched in 1789 from Britain to Australia
*Juliana Republic, a short-lived state in the Brazilian province of Santa Catarina from July 24, 1839 to November 15, 1839
*Juliana (poem), one of the four signed poems ascribed to the mysterious poet, Cynewulf
*"Juliana, or The Princess of Poland", a play by John Crowne
*Lady Juliana, a fictional character in the 1998 cartoon movie Quest For Camelot

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