Pearl necklace (sexuality)

Pearl necklace (sexuality)

A pearl necklace is a sexual s _sl. Pearl Necklace", by ZZ Top refers to the act, and it has featured in movies such as "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Half Baked", and an episode of HBO show "Sex and the City". ["Forgetting Sarah Marshall": the protagonist, Ryan Flores, makes a reference to a pearl necklace while on a webcam chat with his step-brother and his wife.] [ In "Half Baked": Brian (Jim Breuer) says to Thurgood (Dave Chappelle) "You said you gave Maryjane a pearl necklace. How much did that cost, man?" to which he replies "Obviously you missed the point of that story."] ["Sex and the City": Richard Wright gives Samantha a pearl thong as a gift and says "Maybe later if you're good, I'll give you pearl necklace to match".]

ee also

* Bukkake
* Cum shot
* Facial
* Gokkun


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