Treaty of Dresden

Treaty of Dresden

The Treaty of Dresden was signed on December 25, 1745 between Austria, Saxony and Prussia. Based on the terms of the agreement, Frederick II of Prussia acknowledged Francis I as Holy Roman Emperor. In return, Frederick II maintained control over Silesia, a territory taken from Austria after the Second Silesian War. Moreover, Saxony paid Prussia one million rix dollars (in reparations). Overall, the accord ratified and confirmed the tenets of both the Treaty of Breslau and the Treaty of Berlin. This accord brought the Second Silesian War to an official end. [ [ The Encyclopedia of World History (2001) - December 25] "Treaty of Dresden concluded between Prussia and Austria (Saxony). (1) Ratification of the Treaty of Breslau and Berlin in regard to the possession of Silesia. (2) Frederick II recognized Francis I as emperor. (3) Saxony paid Prussia one million rix dollars."] [ [ Encyclopedia Britannica Concise - Dresden] "The Treaty of Dresden (1745), between Prussia, Saxony, and Austria, ended the second Silesian War and confirmed Silesia as Prussian."]


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* [ Encyclopedia Britannica Concise - Dresden]
* [ The Encyclopedia of World History (2001) - December 25]

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