Qiao Feng

Qiao Feng

Qiao Feng (Traditional Chinese: 喬峰; Simplified Chinese: 乔峰) is a fictional character in "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils", a wuxia novel written by Jinyong.

Known as the "Northern Qiao Feng", Qiao Feng is one of the two "Wulin" legendary heroes and a powerful martial artist; born of Qidan descent but was taken in by the Han swordsmen who killed his parents. At first, he used his adopted parents' surname but later reverted to his real one. Discovering Xiao (蕭/萧) is his original family name, he later assumes the name "Xiao Feng" (蕭峰/萧峰).

Initially the leader of the Beggars' Sect, he was exiled after a controversy had revealed his true ethnic identity. At varying times in the story he meets Duan Yu and Xu Zhu, with whom he became sworn brothers. After being wrongly accused of killing his foster parents, his master (the Shaolin monk Xuan Ku 玄苦), and several other characters, he left the Song territory and by coincidence becomes the friend and sworn brother of the Khitan emperor.

The murders were actually committed by Qiao Feng's father Xiao Yuanshan (蕭遠山/萧远山), whom everyone thought to be deceased by committing suicide after his wife or Qiao Feng's mother, was killed. He resided within the Shaolin temple for 30 years, learning every art he could find. Qiao Feng eventually stopped a war between Song and Liao, but committed suicide when he believe he had betrayed his own country by forcing the Khitan emperor to withdraw troops and not attack the Song.

The novel mentions that Qiao Feng is a master of the Xianglong Shiba Zhang (18 Dragon-Subduing Palms) (降龍十八掌/降龙十八掌), the trademark martial art of the heroes of Legend of the Condor Heroes, Guo Jing and his master, Hong Qigong.

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