Jesus and history

Jesus and history

There are several articles that relate to Jesus and history:

* Historical Jesus discusses historical perspectives on Jesus' life and critical forensic reconstructions of Jesus.

* Cultural and historical background of Jesus: discusses the cultural and historical background of Jesus. It examines the views of scholars and historians who use the New Testament, other Christian sources and other non-Christian sources as a means to gain a broader understanding of historical and New Testament events. It focuses specifically on the background to Jesus within the historical and cultural context, both of his period and the time leading up to that, as relevant to a better understanding and interpretation of acts and events ascribed to him.

* The Quest for the historical Jesus describes the attempt, which began in the eighteenth century, to apply historical-critical methods to construct a biography of Jesus.

* Historicity of Jesus discusses whether Jesus, the central figure of Christianity, actually existed as a historical figure.

* Jesus Christ in comparative mythology discusses the amalgamation of historical and mythological material.
* Jesus myth hypothesis discusses the theory that Jesus is a fictional, syncretized figure

* Josephus on Jesus covers the debate of the authenticity of two references by first-century Jewish historian Josephus. These are the Testimonium Flavianum and a reference to Jesus, brother of James.

* Tacitus on Christ: A reference to "Christus," as founder of Christianity.

*Chronology of Jesus: The timeline of the gospel accounts, as related to other historical events.

*Census of Quirinius: A discussion of a census which Luke connects with the birth of Jesus.

*Baptism of Jesus: A discussion of the connection between Jesus and John the Baptist.

*Aramaic of Jesus: A discussion of Aramaic phrases used by Jesus.

*Cross or stake as gibbet on which Jesus died: A discussion of whether Jesus was crucified on a cross or on a stake.

*Crucifixion eclipse: A discussion of an astronomical event like an eclipse said to have occurred during the crucifixion.

*Desposyni: The relatives of Jesus.

*Jesus and the money changers: Jesus' action against Herod's Temple.

*Jewish messianism: The Jewish desire for a messiah.

*Zealotry: A first century Jewish movement to expel the Romans.

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