French Army

French Army

The French Army, officially the Armée de Terre ( _en. Land Army), is the land-based component of the French Armed Forces and its largest. As of 2007, the army employs 134,000 regular soldiers, 15,500 reservists, and 25,750 civilians. [ [ L'armée de Terre en chiffres (Décembre 2006)] ] All soldiers are now considered professionals, following the suspension of conscription in 1996.


The army is divided into different Corps or "armes". These Corps retain both symbolic and administrative values.
* Troupes de Marine composed of:
** Marine Infantry ("Infanterie de Marine", including parachute regiments such as 1er RPIMa and light cavalry such as RICM)
** Marine Artillery ("Artillerie de Marine")
* Foreign Legion ("Légion étrangère")
* Armoured Cavalry ("Arme Blindée cavalerie")
* Artillery;
* Army Light Aviation ("Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre" - ALAT), including combat helicopters;
* Military engineers ("Génie Militaire");
* Infantry,
** including specialist mountain infantry ("Chasseurs Alpins")
* Maintenance ("Matériel")
* Logistics ("Train")
* Signals ("Transmissions")
* Commissary

The operational organisation of the Army combines units from various Corps in 17 Brigades.


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Principles and values

The principles and values of the French Army are formulated in the "Code of the French Soldier":

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*Military of France
*Ranks in the French Army


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*fr icon [ Official website]
* [ French Military Reform: Lessons for America's Army?] , George A. Bloch (includes explanations of the structure of command)

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