Sow may refer to an African name, frequent in Senegal.
* Abdoul Salam Sow, a football player.
* Abdoulaye Sékou Sow, a former Prime Minister of Mali.
* Aminata Sow Fall, a Senegalese author.
* Daouda Sow, a boxer.
* Fatou Ndiaye Sow, a Senegalese poet.
* Laye Sow, a Senegalese singer and songwriter.
* Moussa Sow, a football player.
* Pape Sow, a basketball player.

sow may refer to:
* sow, a female badger.
* sow, a female bear.
* sow, a female pig.
* sow, a shape in which metal is cast.
* sow, a type of siege engine.
* To sow seeds.
* statement/scope of work, acronym
* River Sow, England.
* Sow by Sylvia Plath
* Sow (band), the band/spoken word project comprising Anna Wildsmith
* Share of Wallet
* Abbreviation for Sowbhagyavathi, the Indian Title translated to Ms. SOW may refer to:
* Show Low Regional Airport, Arizona, United States; IATA airport code SOW.
* Sowerby Bridge railway station, England; Network Rail station code SOW.
* Special Operations Wing, a designation of the United States Air Force.
* Son of a Whore, slang acronym
* Abbreviation for Spirit Of the Wolf, a movement speed buff used in EverQuest.

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