Radio Television Brunei

Radio Television Brunei

Radio Television Brunei (Radio Televisyen Brunei, or RTB) is the state broadcaster of Brunei. Radio Brunei made its first broadcast on May 21957, with a television service starting in 1975.


RTB broadcasts two television channels name RTB1 & the newest channel, RTB2 respectively, showing programming in English and Malay. Programming shown includes news, live sports, children's shows, nature shows and serials and variety shows.

RTB TV programs

*According To Jim
*America's Funniest Home Videos
*An Nuur
*Art Attack
*Azan Isyak
*Azan Maghrib
*Azan Zuhur
*Backyard Science
*Berita Nasional
*Bertita Terkini
*Beyond 2000
*Bimbingan Keluarga
*Buletin Sukan
*Carland Cross
*Classic Animations
*Cold War
*Dian Hidayah
*DOA & Siaran Tamat
*Drama Mou
*Dunia Asia
*Finger Tips
*Full Force Nature
*Gillette World of Sports
*Gol Gol Brunei
*Guinness World Records Primetime
*Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs
*Ilmuwan Islam
*Info Majlis Ugama Islam Brunei
*Just For Laughs
*Just Kidding
*Kelopak Gelombang
*Khutbah Jumaat
*Kid Sinar
*Koir Anti Dadah
*Lingkaran Iman
*Liputan Semasa
*Mouse TV
*My Wife and Kids
*New Captain Scarlet
*News at 10
*Oleh Olah Remaja
*Once Upon A Time
*Panggung Petang Sabtu
*Pembukaan/Lagu Kebangsaan
*Pengajaran Dari Al Quran
*Pintu Hudayah
*Postman Pat
*Puteh Kemboja
*Rahasia Pelangi
*Rampai Pagi
*Rancangan Hari Ini
*Rancangan Khas
*Ranjau Kehidupan
*Sana'y Wala Nag Wakas
*Science Workshop
*Sembahyang Fardhu Jumaat
*Sepohon Penawar
*Silver Sun
*Sirah Nabawiyah
*Sky Dancers
*Strong Medicines
*Sunday Matinee
*Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper
*Tayangan Gambar Klasik
*Teater Klasik
*The E-Ring
*The Magic School Bus
*Tiwalah Al-Quran
*Warta Islam
*Wayang Pilihan
*What's With Andy


In addition to television, RTB runs 5 radio networks. To mark the 50th anniversary of Radio broadcast in May 2007 the radio networks changed their names to "suit the times",here are the 'new' names of the radio services:
* Nasional FM (92.3FM/93.8FM/594AM) - Government information on political issues, religion, news and current affairs, information and culture. Started broadcasting in 1957, originally called the Malay service since January 11996.
* Pilihan FM (95.9FM/96.9FM) - English and Mandarin language covering local information on current affairs, as well as contemporary music.Pre-recorded programmes for the small Nepalese community are also broadcasted on this channel on a daily basis. Started broadcasting in 1965.

* Pelangi FM (91.4FM/91.00FM) - Geared for youths and teenagers, with information about educational and religious affairs, as well as music and entertainment. Started in 1995.
* Harmoni FM (94.1FM) - Family programming, with religion, live local sports coverage and music. Started July 151996.
* Nur Islam Network (93.3FM/94.9FM) - Wholly devoted to teachings about Islam. Started in 1997.

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* Media of Brunei

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